Walking For Weight Loss – How Much and How Often


Recently, a lot of discussion has been generated about walking for weight loss. We are become more conscious of how sedentary our lifestyles have become and our ambitions are now to lose weight. For thousands of years, human life was all about walking during the day and resting at night. We were hunter-gatherers who could …

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What is a Healthy BMI and Why it Matters?


BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a reading that you get when your weight is compared to your height. It is a quick way to screen people for potential health issues based on their body weight and height. Though BMI calculation does not measure body fat percentage but studies have shown that a higher BMI is closely related to higher body fat measured by other methods.

Vegetarian vs Vegan – Similarities and Differences


Vegetarian diet has been known to have positive effects on health. Research has shown that those following plant based diet have lower BMI, lower cholesterol and lower risk of dying of heart disease. (1) At the same time it has also been shown that vegan diet helps lose weight. But still there is a little …

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How Vegan Diet for Weight Loss Works So Effectively


Increasing number of people is shifting to vegetarian diet as an option because of different ethics concerns. We know many healthy weight loss diet plans for non-vegetarians. But are there any recommendations when it comes to vegan diet for weight loss if you have planned on going vegan to lose weight? What is a Vegan …

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