Long gone, are the days that you can drop a few pounds by eating less or making a few adjustments to your lifestyle. Now life is busy, you need to live healthily, and there’s no patience to wait six months before starting to see a difference in your weight.

Accept the fact that you will be cheating on the old diet sooner or later, so we might as well consider the best exercise equipment for home to lose weight and to let back into your life.

Nowadays, it’s all about exercise versus dieting, but why not include both? It’s better to take on plans A and B to bring out those ABs. If you really want to sweat it out and give it your all, we suggest a couple of trusty helpers – not diet pills or miracle TV belts, but the real deal – home exercise machinesand equipment. 

Home exercise equipment has become one of the most helpful tools in losing weight, especially in a busy life. With exercise equipment at home, you don’t need that extra energy drink just to get you to the gym, just to the home gym. We’ve compiled a list of exercise machines that will help you on your journey through weight loss. Here we go. 

Rowing Machine – Row Row Row Your Boat

Destination weight loss has never been so close. It’s no secret that cardio is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it away. But let’s be honest, going for a run is more about getting out of the house and having some time for yourself.

If you’re not putting in the actual effort that’s going to burn the fat away, you need more help. And it’s not like you’re going to row a kayak at the nearby river. So, invest in a rowing machine and row the pounds away.

Rowing strengthens your cardiovascular system, and with one single stroke, it will work on a variety of muscles. Remember, the more muscles are working, the more fat you are saying goodbye to. A rowing machine gives you a full-body workout. So, strengthen your muscles, burn your fat, and row your boat. 

Burn more calories than what you take in; that’s the secret, the formula, and what you should live by. Write it on the wall, on your fridge, and on your mirror. But also remember that hard work is the key to success, so you need to sweat and gasp for air.

Why not do that with a rowing boat? Focusing on your calories and introducing a cardio buster machine such as a rowing machine into your exercise routine can give you the results you have dreamed of. 

Rowing machines are proven to be among the best devices for a full-body workout, which means that you are burning fat throughout your body, not only the tummy, the legs, or the waists, but everywhere. 

Dumbbells – The Old Irons 

They make you pull funny faces; they make you cry, but let’s face it, they’re some of the best helpers for weight loss and take less space than a rowing machine. If space is an issue, these are the perfect companions to start with.

Get the image of two huge dumbbells out of your mind and settle for the cute and ”it was worth it” dumbbells. Except if you’re feeling up to the challenge, of course, it’s good to know that some people consider weight training more effective for weight loss than cardio.

Weightlifting is one of the longest duration fats burning sessions that you will ever encounter as it keeps on working long after you have stopped. Indeed, it’s not the first thing you’d think about when wanting to lose weight, but it’s an essential part of it.

 Resistance training is efficient for losing weight thanks to the large variety of exercises you can take on with a simple set of dumbbells, plates, or even kettlebells. But out of all the weights, dumbbells will be the most comfortable to use and are versatile enough to keep you interested. 

Most importantly, weight training helps to burn fat. More muscle leads to more calories getting burned. Surprised? Using your dumbbells every day can strengthen your muscles and add a bit of tone for that finishing touch.

We’re not talking about building any mountains. We’re talking lean muscles, which burn far more calories than fatty tissues. The leaner muscle you have, the tighter your body will get. It’s a natural burn that will keep you losing weight and feeling great. 

Treadmill – It’s Not About Being Lazy

If you think treadmills are only there for people who are scared of going outside, think again. Imagine getting in a run with your air conditioning and stereo, lifting your spirits and motivating you to run for longer. That’s the deal you will get from a treadmill, and it works. 

It’s also super convenient, especially in today’s busy life. You can just jump on the treadmill and run miles without even leaving home sweet home. You lose weight fast with a comprehensive treadmill workout that covers all the critical areas in the body. Keep running in the comfort of your home while burning fat. 

You have probably tried it before, and it didn’t work? Well, maybe it wasn’t used, right? Remember, it’s not here to help you run; it’s there to help you not run into the wall. You still have to use your muscles and put some effort into it. Close your eyes and imagine you’re running into the hills; this can help you use all your muscles and put some extra effort into your treadmill session. 

  • Use Interval Sprints – As we stated earlier, it’s not about being lazy. It has to be a challenge. You don’t need to run flat out for 30 minutes, but you can run flat out for a minute and walk for a minute. Using intervals will help you see the real magic of a treadmill and get you to where you need to be on your weight loss journey in no time. 
  • Lunge it – Changing the incline of a treadmill can assist you greatly in putting in maximum effort. Remember that uphill that’s still haunting you? It’s come for a visit. The great thing about setting the incline is that the higher you set it, the more fat you will burn. For the perfect lunge, you can set the treadmill to a challenging but safe speed, step forward, duck the hips, hold your legs at a 90-degree angle, and get your knee as close to the treadmill as possible. 

Cycling Machine – Bicycle Time

A cycling machine or stationary bike is another efficient home exercise machine that can get you to lose weight quickly. Burn calories and body fat while strengthening your heart, muscles, lungs, and almost everything else that’s important, all in the comfort of your home.

No more getting the helmet, knee guards, jumpsuit, or even considering the side wheels after that last knee-scratcher. Now you’ll be cycling while watching the kids wash the dishes. 

Take a stroll and witness all the cyclists. Clearly, there is no age or size limit, and it is something that can benefit anybody. Doing indoors is just a bit more comfortable, and keeps you home.

Not only will it help you lose weight but also provide you with better sleep. Give it a good 5-minute fast-paced cycle and go to bed – you’ll be experiencing much better sleep and wake up refreshed. It can even improve your triglyceride and cholesterol levels for a new healthier you. 

The great thing about weight loss and using a cycle machine is that your joints will be taking a break. Although it works as well as an aerobic workout, it makes you lose a surprising amount of weight while your joints can take it easy until the next time.

A cycling machine can give just as great a cardio workout as running while you get to set the bike to the speed and resilience you want it at. This is a great way to challenge yourself with a cardio session. 

Jumping Ropes – Jump!

By now, you have lifted, ran, cycled, and even rowed, just to lose some extra pounds. But you haven’t jumped yet, so the journey is not over yet. Let’s look at how a rope could be your saving grace and reduce your waist. It is also the most affordable and almost weightless piece of equipment on this best exercise equipment for home to lose weight list.

This may seem like a surprise, but jumping ropes are among the most helpful exercise equipment you can use when losing weight. Skipping rope can help you to burn 25% more calories than going out for a run. As an example, a 200-pound person can burn up to 362 calories from 20 minutes of jumping rope at a fast pace. That’s 362 calories for something you did for fun when you were a kid. 

Skipping ropes are definitely the most convenient as you can take them with you wherever you go to get in a quick exercise session to burn off last night’s movie snacks. That said, a jumping rope can work as a great weight loss aid, but it’s not the only exercise equipment that’s needed. It is not an all-in-one. See it as a 10-minute warm-up or something to lose some extra pounds when there’s nothing else to do. 

Punching Bag – Beat the fat out of it 

Punching bags provide you with a great workout while getting rid of your frustrations and anger, and it’s probably more affordable than seeing a psychologist. Best of all, it’s great for losing boy fat. It’s a full-body workout that can burn many calories in no time and will help you feel even better than after a good run-on cycling session. 

This is probably the only piece of equipment that will help you work on your coordination and even self-confidence and endurance. Although it’s not really seen as the most popular piece of equipment, it has even been the subject of numerous weight loss studies. Valdosta State University did a study where an individual weighing 200 pounds burned 600 calories in one hour of workout with a punching bag. Work your core, and get rid of your frustrations. Sounds like a deal. 

Why Does it Work?

Looking at most of the equipment on this list will make you realize that losing weight with exercise machines is all about endurance. And that’s exactly why it works. So, in essence, whatever type of equipment you use, just make sure that it challenges you and makes you want to endure the pain and suffering even longer.

Just remember it’s going to be worth it; your newfound weight loss journey with exercise machines will make you forget all about that age-old argument of exercise versus diet. Both should be important, and both should play a role in your fitness and weight loss program. 

Get Equipped

See the equipment on this list as your ammunition to fight body fat. Losing weight, no matter how much you want to lose, will be a challenge, and it’s best to take care of it with a bit of help. That being said, the help should not be some kind of miracle pill – keep it real with fitness equipment and hard work.

The best exercise equipment for home to lose weight on this lit will assist you in losing all your unwanted weight, it is affordable, and will make you feel like a million bucks. Just remember that effort still needs to be put into your exercise routines with any equipment. It’s all about keeping it consistent and using them every day. 


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