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There is a diet named after every food these days. Remember egg diet? Even grapefruit diet is a phenomenon. So why not a cabbage diet!

Cabbage soup diet, sounds like a single ingredient diet, isn’t it? Yes, you guessed right. It is one of the most popular weight loss tips. Although there are other ingredients involved too, but mainly it’s based on cabbages. Lots of them.

a bowl of cabbage soup and fresh parsley

Let’s go through it and see if it’s the right diet to follow.

How it Works?

Once again, it’s another one of those fad diets, claiming that you will surely lose more than 10 pounds within 1 week.

This diet goes by some other names as well, on the basis of some hospitals. Probably because, this diet is mostly thought to be created by a hospital of heart patients, so they could lose weight swiftly before they could undergo any sort of surgery.

The interesting thing is, those hospitals completely denied creating this diet. So, in short, no one really knows that where did it come from.

We just know that it suddenly started getting attention in the 1980s since then people from all over the world are giving it a try.

The diet provides you with results it claims for real, as you absolutely eat nothing significant in a course of 7 days, other than the main ingredient of the diet. And that ingredient is cabbage soup, which is strictly advised to be homemade.

You can take small amounts of different foods on a daily basis with the soup like fruits, skimmed milk or vegetables.

It does not exceed more than 7 days. The ideas is to basically help you jump-start a healthy lifestyle or lose extra weight swiftly .

Is Cabbage Soup Diet Safe?

Well, it might be safe once a while or for quick weight loss but in the long run? A big NO. You can’t continue this diet in hopes of losing more weight because this diet mostly depends on cabbage, which doesn’t contain enough amount of carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

So, what will happen is, your body will likely lose all the potential to work or even move. The recipe of the cabbage soup diet also has a high sodium level which can easily make your blood pressure and sodium readings above the limit.

Does it really Help Lose Weight?

There are no studies regarding the cabbage diet, so it’s hard to say anything about the guarantee that you’ll lose any weight or not.

However, it’s easy to comprehend that from the description of this diet itself. Since it’s a diet containing an extremely low level of calories, then it’s obvious that you will lose that weight within a week.

As you can see, the cabbage diet doesn’t allow you to take any other foods much, except the soup itself and 1 or 2 other things.It’s sort of hard that your weight will stay the same. It will start reducing.

On average your daily calories will be between 800 to 1100 while on this diet. This is definitely quite significantly below the minimum recommended daily calories.

Mainly, if you cut out the calories you are taking or suddenly start restricting them, your body will react to the change causing your metabolism to slow down.

But of course, that weight will come back in no time at all and much more than before.

After starting this diet your metabolism might even start to slow down within the first 3 days because it’s a diet with such a lower amount of calories which is unusual.

But for some people, these kinds of diets are a blessing. As we know that obesity is common nowadays. People with obesity are able to lose weight quickly by this diet even with the accompanying potential health risks even if it will be for a short period.

There’s another good thing about this diet that it doesn’t require you to stay hungry.

You are free to take the foods that are allowed, no matter how many times you want, throughout the day.

It’s also different from other expensive diets that insist on purchasing extra supplements or some guidebooks.

It only contains cabbage which we almost use daily and a few other foods that are also not expensive making it easy for people to follow.

Cabbage Soup Diet Meal Plan

There are some rules set for this diet like. No substitutions are allowed in cabbage diet soup to replace any ingredients. You can eat 1 to 2 foods other than cabbage on a daily basis, which have lower calorie rates and should take only water in fluids and nothing else

Sometimes multivitamins are recommended to maintain your health.

Here’s your 1000 calorie diet menu for 7 days:

Day 1- Cabbage soup only. Take as much you can consume with some fruits but no bananas are allowed.

Day 2- A baked potato with the same cabbage soup and other green vegetables, most of them should be raw. Corn, peas, and beans are not allowed.

Day 3 – On this day you get to enjoy vegetables with a variety of delicious fruits, as much as you like except baked potatoes and of course, the soup is compulsory.

Day 4– wow you get to eat bananas with a little skimmed milk and again the soup.

Day 5- So, there’s 10 to 20-ounce beef, chicken, fish or whatever you like, adding more than 6 tomatoes in the mix.

Day 6– Again the beef in the same quantity is allowed but if you consumed it the day before then go for the fish instead. Cabbage soup along with vegetables, but no potatoes.

Day 7- Finally the last day of your diet. Well, you are going to eat brown rice with vegetables, while you have to take fruit juices throughout the day without any added sugar,

Cabbage Soup Recipe

Let’s get into the most important item of this diet, cabbage soup.


  • Onions, 2
  • Cabbage head, 1
  • Green pepper, 2
  • Cans of tomatoes, 2
  • Celery,1 bunch
  • Mushrooms, 1 pkg
  • 8 to 6 cups water, or nutritious cocktails.


– Cut out all the vegetables in an even shape

– On the meantime, saut? some onions.

– Add up the vegetables and cover them.

– When it’s boiled, then set it on light flame and cover up the lid.

– They will become soft, vegetables and everything else.

– It can be topped with different sauces or seasonings, whatever your choice is.

You are required to take the cabbage soup on a daily basis as a meal, no matter how many times in a day. Whenever you feel hungry, you can take it.


In spite of the fact that this diet is a good option for you to lose weight rapidly, there are more downsides to it than benefits.

The basic issue with this diet is that it only lasts for a week, which is not effective for significant weight loss.

Your body is only able to lose so much of percent of body fat, when you are still in the first phase of this diet or even if you try any other low-calorie diet.

Remaining lost weight is always from water and muscles.

On this diet, you can’t burn that much fat in the time span of a week, because your body has its limits.

If there are not enough calories getting to your body, it will use the glycogen stored in your body, to get the required energy. So, this way your body is just going to lose water weight which is mostly mistaken for real fat loss.

Another huge problem with the cabbage soup diet is it is missing essential nutrients. It contains a high rate of fiber. People mostly claim that they have cramps or flatulence. Gallbladder issues were also reported with this diet.

This diet doesn’t give you much choice for foods which results in a lack of vital things such as vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Furthermore, it’s quite dull to tolerate a whole week.

When You Should Not Use Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage is a vegetable with lots of benefits, so we can say it without a doubt that in some ways, this diet is better for health, but there are some side effects following with certain conditions when you should not do the cabbage diet.

When you are Breastfeeding

Although anything major can’t happen but mothers should be aware of this diet having cabbages, it usually causes colic pain in babies.


If you have any sort of allergy from green plants, then stay away from the cabbage soup diet too, as it is also considered to be a green plant.


This diet causes your blood sugar levels to get low because cabbage has the power to do so. With the lower levels of calorie intake, it would be dangerous for a diabetic patient.


Some concern shows that cabbage is not good for thyroid patients, especially those who have under-active thyroid glands. Studies have shown that overeating of cabbage can speed up goiter in rabbits.

Bottom Line

If we honestly consider this diet, it may sound good initially that you are going to lose 10 pounds of weight in just a week with some easy dieting and nothing else, but there are a lot of drawbacks to it. It fails to provide you with real nutrients that your body needs every day to live a healthy life.

It is perfect for people who are in search of how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks in the short term.

So, never jump in blindly, review every diet before you go for it. Check out its pros and cons and if you really find it suitable for you only then give it a try.


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