If you are still leading a sedentary life in 2021, you can start a fitness routine now and not only get healthier but also extend your life and feel more energy for the day. Of course all of these three benefits of exercise are going to help you lead a healthier and happier life.

There are countless fitness programs to choose from and CrossFit is one of the most popular one. We will be covering the CrossFit basics and try to answer the most common questions like:

  • Is Crossfit suitable for beginners?
  • How many times a week should Crossfit exercise be undertaken?
  • How does a crossfit workout look like?
  • How long it takes and what are the benefits?
  • Are there any risks with crossfit?

Is CrossFit for everyone?

When we are talking about CrossFit basics, age and gender are not an issue unlike some other fitness programs.

It is definitely true that little kids do not have the energy and stamina for weightlifting that is sometimes part of CrossFit, but just taking part in CrossFit exercises without weights can help children get stronger and flexible. CrossFit basics can also team them the benefits of getting active.

By teaching kids the basics of CrossFit when thy are younger will not only help them workout properly when they get older but also they can start their journey on a lifetime of fitness. The big plus point of CrossFit basics is that it can be tweaked to individual’s needs and age.

So a child might not workout as hard as an adult will do while engaging in CrossFit workouts, they still stand a good chance of benefiting from the fitness program.

Similarly, an elderly person can also change the time duration and intensity of CrossFit to suit their own stamina and physical needs. Gender is immaterial when it comes to CrossFit. It doesn’t matter if you are male or a female.

CrossFit basics are for both male and female and without any age limit. CrossFit for beginners helps people strive for the best health, build stamina and get the cardiovascular system in the best shape. And if your primary goal is to lose weight with CrossFit and shape up then CrossFit for beginners can also help.

When you will get involved with CrossFit, the first thing you will notice will be that the focus of the CrossFit fitness program is building strength and condition your body. The best thing about CrossFit is that it is a combination of both aerobic exercises and strength training. There are different exercises and cycles in this program.

Crossfit workout and equipment

Different workouts in CrossFit have names and the CrossFit workout routines have different difficulty/intensity levels. For example one of the most challenging regimen in CrossFit is called Murph.

While doing Murph, you increase the difficulty level of y our CrossFit workout by adding a weight to vest. The Murph workout then involves:

  • One mile run
  • 100 pull-ups
  • 200 push-ups
  • 300 squats
  • Another one mile to fish the workout

While doing these CrossFit workouts, you will be using different equipment. For example resistance bands may be needed for some of these. Or for some regimens you might use kettlebells.

Jump ropes are also used for some CrossFit workouts at home. Some other CrossFit workout equipment includes a rowing machine, a squat box, dumbbells, barbells, gymnastic rings or a pull-up bar.

Every workout will tell you the equipment needed for it. Some CrossFit exercises are named as WOD, which stands for the workout of the day. Many CrossFit gyms will have WOD listed on their daily routines but you can also use a list of WOD routines for home use.

Another CrossFit workout acronym you might come across is AMRAP, which simply means that while doing a CrossFit workout, you can do as many reps of a workout as you are fit for.

Another abbreviation you may come across is called RFT, which readsd as rounds for time. EMOM is another acrynym which means every minute on the minute workout.

Time Required for CrossFit Workouts

One of the most commonly asked questions about CrossFit basics is how long does it take to do a CrossFit workout. The time taken for a CrossFit workout depends on the workout itself because different CrossFit workouts take different times because these are not the same.

When you are looking at CrossFit workout for beginners, you might choose one that takes less time. Definitely, for someone brand new to CrossFit, it takes a bit of time for getting used to the format of it.

While one CrossFit workout session takes 45 minutes to complete, another one with different routines might take an hour for a CrossFit session. But for those with less time, there are some CrossFit workouts that take as little as 10 minutes or even less.

In fact these are some of the most popular WOD routines that you can do in just 10 minutes if you do not have full 45 minutes.The less time duration helps you keep on track of fitness while doing CrossFit workouts for beginners. However, the best fitness results from CrossFit come with longer duration workouts.

It is recommended that you train at least thrice a week to get the maximum benefit from workout using CrossFit. By doing this, you will be able to join the right sessions without the feeling of getting rushed through your workout.

CrossFit benefits

Different workouts in CrossFit training have different fitness routines, and they bring different fitness and health goals with them. However, each of these workouts essentially give some of the same benefits too. There is scientific evidence that CrossFit improves fitness and health.

One of the most persistent benefits is better coordination when you move. Your movements will gain a feeling of fluidity. You will get a speed boost in your movements and your reaction times will reduce. Another benefit of CrossFit basics workouts is that you will notice a more flexible body. And the biggest boost your will see will be increased strength in your body.

CrossFit workouts will increase your stamina and you will feel more energy in your body while going about your day-to-day routine. And the progress you will make with CrossFit basics workout will be obvious because your body wills tart to get in shape.

CrossFit pushes you for harder workouts but at the end of the day you will be amazed how better you feel and how much physical improvement you get from it. A CrossFit workout can be as intense or as light as your body permits.

CrossFit: Risks

CrossFit for beginners is not without risks. First you should not be doing those CrossFit exercises that are intense and require weights. As a general rule, if you are not coming from a strength training background, you should avoid these exercises.

This is also not suitable for those who have a previous injury, unless you discuss it with your doctor, and they give you a green signals for high intensity training that many of the CrossFit regimens are.

Elderly should also be careful in choosing which workouts they choose to do. If you are not fit enough for high intensity, power based training, choose only the easier workouts.


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