As humans, we are all created differently, no two individuals are the same. Even identical twins may like different things, have different favorite food or color, that’s just how things are.

The same goes for dieting, what works for you may not work for the other person and that’s okay.

In the long run the goal of dieting is to lose weight and subsequently, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone is wired differently. You might be able to give up chocolates, those yummy cakes or pizza but I might not be strong enough to do that.

Some of us can keep eating to lose belly fat but for many others weight loss will only be possible with a strict diet.

You shouldn’t judge people for being different, they are doing what works for them and as long as it is working for them, you shouldn’t try to meddle. 

If you eat all plant based diets, awesome. If you like fried chicken, awesome too. You shouldn’t try to make someone what they aren’t or make them adhere to what might not be best for them to lose belly fat.

There are numerous diet plans: vegan diet, low-carbs diet, sometimes people engage in intermittent fasting, some juice diets where they only drink juice made with fruits and vegetables and a lot more others. 

Just because someone is fasting for weight loss, it doesn’t mean you should too, you might not be cut for it.

There are different ways to lose belly fat, how we should eat to ensure we lose body fat, exercises you can do for faster results and things you should do to motivate yourself.

Seek advice from your doctor before going on any of the weight loss plans and remember to find the one that suits you.

If your diet plan is something you like and look forward to, there is a higher tendency to succeed and actually a chance for a flat belly because you are consistent and you are happy doing what you do. Then dieting doesn’t look like a chore anymore, instead it is a new lifestyle you have adopted.

In the following lines we will discuss a weight loss method that may be called eating to lose belly fat.

How to Eat Your Favorite Foods And Still Lose Weight?

Saying goodbye to our favorite food when we want to shed belly fat can be difficult and depressing for some people. 

You can achieve fat loss while eating your favorite food be it, burgers, chocolates or soft drinks but don’t expect it to be quick. It would be slow and gradual.

Most of our favorite foods are super sweet and contain lots of calories, things you would normally want to avoid when you are dieting.

When we eat a lot of sugar at a time, our blood is loaded with more sugar than we need and liver is forced to turn it into fat for later use.

However, this diet plan doesn’t want you to say a solid goodbye to your sweet tooth. It only asks for moderation.

The best way to eat your favorite food and lose weight is to eat in moderate quantities and employ normal eating habits.

Since you were a baby, you were able to tell when you were hungry by crying or being fussy and when you had eaten enough by rejecting the bottle.

You didn’t eat till you could no longer sit or move comfortably. You didn’t over indulge and then starve yourself the next day as recompense. You ate consistently when you were hungry and stopped when you were okay.

The key is eating in moderation and eating only when you have to eat.

Instead of beating yourself up trying to avoid the food you love eating, listen to your body and eat when you have to and take them in moderate portions.

With this weight loss plan, you have to be conscious of your body, figure out why you want to eat. Are you eating because you are hungry or are you eating because you are bored and want to have something to eat.

A lot of times, we sit to watch a movie and want to have a snack in hand, not because we are hungry, but we just like the idea of eating and watching a movie.

It shouldn’t be like that, you should eat only when you have to and not mindlessly. There is a 1-10 hunger-fullness rule that can help guide when to eat and when not to. 

Eat when you are hungry and don’t occupy yourself so much that you get extremely hungry before you eat, it will only make you eat more. 

This type of plan will make you consistent because you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything and can start to learn how to regulate the food you eat.

When you begin to ask yourself questions like am I hungry or not? What is my hunger level at? and you start to eat in moderation, eating your favorite food won’t be a huge problem. You could keep eating your favorite foods without worrying about weight gain.

You might not lose weight as fast, but you would slowly lose some pounds.

How To Eat During This Plan

Learning how you should eat is the next thing to be considered. You are to make sure you do not eat carelessly and you choose your food and their portions.

You have to give your body what it wants on a daily basis. Most times we want what we can’t have and that is what happens on normal diets. 

You completely cut off all your favorite food and then when your willpower to abstain from these foods run out you overindulge and get back all the pounds you lost and then restart the cycle.

Instead of going on a diet that yields nothing in the long run just eat the food you like then you aren’t missing out on anything.

You just have to find out ways to eat those foods you love so much and lose weight at the same time.

Firstly, let go of the guilt that comes with eating. When you don’t feel guilty about eating a particular food, you tend to eat slowly, savor the taste and maybe not eat too much of it because it is in your routine and you feel normal eating it.

If you are dieting and you happen to derail from your dieting plan and indulge in eating the “forbidden foods”, there is every tendency you overeat because you want to eat all you can before you restart your weight loss diet.

Abide by the 1-10 fullness to hunger scale. When I say eat your favorite food I mean it but over doing it and eating when it isn’t necessary won’t yield the necessary results.

“1” indicating extreme hunger and “10” indicating fullness. Being at stage”1″ would mean that you are starving and would most likely eat till you are uncomfortable and “10” means you are extremely full.

Eating at “3” or “4” and stopping at a “7” or “8” would mean you ate when you were hungry and stopped when your hunger was satisfied.

Following this scale, your meals will eventually start getting smaller, because you are no longer eating when you don’t have to and you are stopping before you get too full.

It takes about 20 minutes after you start eating for your brain to signal that you are full so eat slowly(not painfully slow) and savor every bite.

You can also incorporate these foods into healthier ones to keep the balance. When you start eating the food you like, it doesn’t mean you eat a piece of cake made from refined carbs with soda for breakfast, fries and fried chicken for lunch and a mac and cheese for dinner. That would be doing the most and you most definitely won’t lose weight.

Similarly, eating to lose belly fat doesn’t mean a license to load your stomach with foods loaded with unhealthy saturated fat or trans fat.

As a general rule, your diet should include soluble fiber. Most people do not eat enough fiber, which helps us feel satiated for longer time. Resultant we eat less and final result is weight loss even while eating.

A study published in Obesity journal found that those with increased soluble fiber intake in their diet reduced their belly fat over a period of time. You should try to eat about 25 grams of fiber every day.

Belly fat loss doesn’t mean that eating fats are completely off limits. Fats have been part of human diet for thousands of years and our bodies have learned to rely on fat. All you need to do is to pick healthy fats like fatty fish, olive oil or avocado.

Instead, you eat something healthy or with fewer calories for breakfast and dinner and maybe treat yourself to a burger for lunch. That way you are getting in your favorite food somewhere and not missing out and at the same time you will be watching your calorie intake. This will also ensure that you achieve a calorie deficit which is crucial for weight loss.

If you like red meat or carbs, find a way to incorporate it into something healthy in moderate quantities so you aren’t missing out.

This plan might be tough at first because it doesn’t exactly feel like the traditional dieting  everyone does. You’ll be alarmed because you didn’t imagine you could eat this way.

It may take a while to completely get rid of that guilt but with time your body and mind will adjust accordingly.


Exercising plays a very vital role in your weight loss journey and there are simple exercises  and there are pretty complex ones.

According to a study at Duke University Medical Center, those who exercised more saw a belly fat reduction of 8.1 percent over a period of eight months.

Physical activity should also be consistent. Make it a pattern, something you do on a daily basis and it doesn’t have to be something that leaves you tired and out of breath.

Just move, I know you’d rather sleep or sit somewhere browsing through your phone but sometimes it isn’t always advisable. Get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise of moderate intensity every week.

On two days of the week, you should do strength training which serves two purposes. It not only builds muscle mass which is automatic fat burning machine but also you will get a toned body.

You probably already sit a lot at work or school or just at home, so take some time to stretch your legs and body.

There are a lot of things you can do that count as exercise.

Most common of them is going on walks. Just walk around your house, take walks in your estate, if your grocery store isn’t too far from your house try walking there instead of taking a bus.

Just walk and keep walking. Even the basic things we sometimes do could be a form of exercise. Cleaning your house – this isn’t even conferred on you it’s something you have to do anyway and its exercise.

Go to your local park and walk or jog, walk your pets and walk yourself.

These exercises are some basic things ever! Things you would normally do but don’t really pay attention to or you don’t have time to do consistently. 

Even if it’s for 5 to 10 minutes, consistency will go a long way.

Motivation For This Plan

Eating to lose belly fat meal plan for some people, is probably the best they have ever come across. I mean, the traditional dieting plan doesn’t allow as much freedom and would require you to regulate what you eat.

This plan is satisfying and would leave you relieved, happy and content. You can eat what you like without guilt and the knowledge that you will still lose weight.

The happiness and satisfaction that this dieting plan brings would leave you feeling refreshed and like you can do anything. This doesn’t sound like a fancy flat belly diet but it works. It will be slow but with consistency it will produce results.

There are no limitations, no measurements and you get to do you. 

This plan might seem difficult at first because not many people might understand when they see you trying to lose weight and still eating a chocolate and you yourself might doubt that there will be any weight loss.

Don’t listen to people’s opinions all the time, you aren’t the same and you do not like the same things. 

Know that the decision to go on this type of diet where you can eat to lose weight is what makes you happy and what works best for you. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise as long as it works.

As long as you follow the tips listed above consistently when eating these foods you’ll lose that weight you want to.


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