Not another “10 foods that speed up your metabolism” article, we look for some science on popular fat-fighting foods for weight loss.

How to boost your metabolism? This was a question asked – in far more obscure scientific terms, between 1213 and 1288 by Ibn al-Nafis. And the subject started gaining popularity at the end of the sixteenth century. Scientists and nutritionists have then spent another 300 years or so to help us, but with so much information on the web, it’s impossible to know how to deal with weight gain by understanding fat burning foods that play a role in metabolism.


Raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, pureed vegetables: What’s the difference?

Firstly – texture and also taste to a lesser degree. Nutritionally, raw vegetables offer real bang-for-buck when comparing the amount of food intake to the nutrients needed and they mostly have a low-calorie count when compared with processed foods. You simply can not go wrong with the leafy green vegetables

Some of the nutritional value is lost when pureed, but interestingly – the fiber content remains the same, but only if the skin is removed. Cooking also results in a loss of nutrients, but vegetables still remain a healthy option.

When your mother told you to eat your vegetables, it was a concern for your health – not because she liked to nag. There are a few that deserve special attention.

Avocado and fat burning properties

To a botanist, avocados are definitely a fruit as they have all the right characteristics – they grow on trees, have a pit (or seed), pulp, and outer skin, so they are similar to cherries. But in the food world, it depends on how it is eaten.

As avocados are usually found in savory meals, they are vegetables in culinary terms – and we’re talking about foods that boost metabolism, after all, so for now, it’s a vegetable, although the next time avocado ice cream is on offer, it may be more pleasant to think about like a fruit.

Three South Africans published a study on avocados that looked at their weight-loss potential. Finding that a very low-fat diet won’t necessarily prevent obesity – and has other bad side effects, they looked at the avocado – which is nutrient-dense, has a lot of fiber, is sodium and cholesterol-free, and has a high-fat content compared with other fruits.

It was compared to other fats and they found that – compared with 30g of other fat such as margarine or cream cheese, one avocado (200g)  is a healthier alternative.

Vegetable or fruit, an avocado won’t melt fat away, but it can help you to shed weight as an alternative to other fats. As a bonus it is also packed with the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids which have protective effects for cardiovascular health. 

Are Mushrooms good for your fat loss?

The fun guy fungi, a ½ cup serving of mushrooms delivers 46% of the recommended daily vitamin D intake. The link between a vitamin D deficiency and a higher level of belly fat in the National Institutes of Health’s view on vitamin D concludes that fat in the gut enhances the absorption of Vitamin D, but the source of fat determines the type of Vitamin D.

While animal products contain varying amounts of vitamin D3, mushrooms – especially if exposed to UV light, contain vitamin D2 which helps suppress the storage of fat cells. Moreover these will keep blood sugar levels stable, which means less hunger and better weight loss control.

The low number of calories found in mushrooms is an added benefit, with even the white mushrooms – having the highest calorie count, helping to keep calories consumed on any given day low enough to be worked off without resorting to a sweaty work-out.

Flowers or Fruits for weight loss?


Apples and peaches are part of the rose family, so let’s not get back to the fruit or vegetable debate, and rather look at Grapefruit. As the name says – it’s a fruit!

Since early in the last century, slimmers have looked to grapefruit as a part of weight-loss plans. The enjoyable taste can be a little bitter for some, so adding sugar may improve the taste, but doing so adds calories which then takes away from the potential weight loss benefits.

Grapefruit testing was the subject of Dr. Ken Fujioka’s studies. He concluded that whole grapefruit – or grapefruit juice, is associated with a significant amount of weight loss. He supports the age-old view of grapefruit as a dietary supplement that aids weight loss.

Grapefruit deservedly has a place on the natural fat-burning foods list and adds a healthy dose of vitamin C to any diet. But too much of a good thing can be bad – grapefruit must be balanced with other foods to ensure that the right nutrients are consumed and there are no nasty gastrointestinal side effects. 

A word of caution about grapefruit. It can interact with many medicines, therefore, if you are taking any medicines, double check with your doctor before you start to introduce grapefruit in your diet. 

Coffee and lime for weight loss?

Fad diets come and go, but coffee and lime are worth looking into – but first, the lime as a fruit. Massive doses of citric acid are found in limes, yet each fruit – according to the US Department of Agriculture, contains just 20 calories.

In 2015, a study was conducted on broiler chickens but found that high doses of citric acid resulted in acidic stress – which hampered the absorption of nutrients. Citric acid also can result in kidney stones.

Its pleasant taste – and low-calorie content, make lime an ideal taste enhancement for water, helping to ensure that enough water is consumed to eliminate waste and keep the human body healthy, but the key to limes – key limes and other varieties, is to use them in moderation.

Weight Loss Drinks At Home for Night or Day Use

Coffee And Lemon – Or Lime, Or On Its Own, For Weight Loss

Coffee itself is an essential part of the daily routine for many. Addictive – but in a delicious way, this seductive beverage contains large amounts of caffeine, delivering a boost. The good news is that 606 participants in a randomized control trial provided evidence to suggest that caffeine could promote weight, BMI, and body fat reduction, there’s no definitive evidence.

Similarly, no science has proven any magical chemical reaction when adding lime, other than the benefits that each ingredient offers by itself. But – on its own, coffee has no calories and is a better choice than a sugary soda when it comes to weight loss, as any exercise can burn other fats consumed.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Finally, a definite YES! Water – still, sparkling, or tap water quenches your thirst and in ice form has other benefits as well. 60% of the human body is made up of water so it plays a role in many different bodily functions.

With a zero-calorie count, water is a “free food” on most weight-loss diets, so there’s no need to burn off this vital drink. It has a slightly less obvious side effect of a feeling of being full, and with the appetite satisfied, further intake of potentially fattening foods is limited.

The even better news is that the science is clear. A study of 50 overweight girls concluded that drinking an extra 500ml of water three times a day – before breakfast, lunch and dinner, significantly reduced body weight and BMI. Adding a little lime to make it more palatable won’t hurt either.

Vegetarian diets don’t guarantee weight loss

The idea that vegetarians are all skinny is not backed by reality. Vegetarians – as opposed to vegans, eat eggs, sugar, flour, and milk. Combine that with a few other things you will have baked a cake.

One of the problems of being a vegetarian is that carbohydrates often make up a big part of a meal plan, and many fattening foods can be classified as vegetarian, although certain candy – such as soft jellies and gums, are gelatin-based, making them a beef products.

Chickpeas – commonly known as garbanzo beans, are definitely for vegetarians, and one of the best ways to consume these under-rated legumes, is in hummus. Cooked – and blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and spices, getting value out of mashed chickpeas with their low glycaemic index and high fiber content, is a no-brainer. The 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest increasing vegetable intake over high-calorie foods and chickpeas are an easy way to add legumes to a weight loss plan.

Even non-vegetarians can benefit and increase their metabolic rate by opting for more vegetables and chickpeas.

Feel Like A Cheat Day Diet?

Which Peanut Butter Is Best For Weight Loss?

Not all peanut butters are equal. In its natural form, peanut butter contains 3 grams of fiber per serving, but the bottle labeling is revealing. Often, sugar, sodium, and other ingredients turn this natural product into an unhealthy option, especially for weight loss.

As opposed to jam, peanut butter is almost always the winner when it comes to lower calories and higher nutrients, but it’s also important to remember that peanuts are not nuts.

They are legumes – making them vegetables, but at least there’s clarity on peanuts not being fruits. A 2009 study of 51,188 women looked at the weight changes associated with both nuts and peanuts, and in both cases found that there was a lower risk of obesity and weight gain than those who were not consuming nuts or peanut butter.

Not only the science but our animal friends can help here too. Monkeys love peanuts, and when was the last time you saw an obese monkey?

Does Dark Chocolate Make You Fat?

Sometimes classed as a superfood, dark chocolate satisfies not just cravings, but also hunger. A mood-booster, chocolate with high Cocoa content as a weight-loss accelerator has its own science too.

The study on this subject kept one group eating normally, one on a low carb diet, and the third group on a low carb diet with an additional serving of 42 grams of chocolate with 81% cocoa content. The last group – which most of us would have volunteered for, experienced the easiest and most successful weight loss, after just three weeks.

Before celebrating with a mountain of chocolate, remember – the group added 42 grams daily. And it was chocolate with a cocoa content of 81%. But it was still chocolate, and a win is a win!

Know Your Oats

Oatmeal in smoothies, pancakes, or even a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is consumed all around the world. But are they as healthy as we think?

A natural grain, oats lower cholesterol levels and boost the immune system. They contain fiber, especially more beneficial soluble fiber,  which keeps digestive tract happy, but there are some subtle health benefits:

  • Oats make you feel fuller for longer. This makes it less tempting to consume more calories which could lead to weight gain
  • Oats are processed differently. Steel-cut oats are less processed and have lower GI levels, whereas instant oats are at the opposite end of the scale. A low GI is beneficial to weight loss
  • Steel-cut oat fiber improves the microbial activity in the gut according to studies. This improves overall digestion and results in superfluous fats being eliminated, rather than stored as fat

Ordinary old-fashioned oats are a better choice than the more modern variety. Although the preparation does take a little longer, good health is a good reward for the extra time and effort. Unfortunately, oatmeal cookies don’t qualify for this benefit.

Herbs And Spices For Weight Loss

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Love them or hate them, hot peppers definitely add spice to a meal. And dynamite comes in small packages as the fieriest peppers are often the smallest, seeing some people break out in a sweat just looking at them.

Interestingly, it’s partly the sweat that does aid weight loss. By looking at thermogenic (heat-causing) aspects, their role in metabolizing fat, and energy expenditure, scientists found that chilis help control insulin which in turn helps to control weight and accelerates weight loss.

Ensuring that the next spicy meal includes chili peppers is no longer a challenge to see who can withstand the most heat. The challenge is now to see who enjoys the most weight loss benefits.

Does Marijuana Speed Up Our Metabolism?

Cannabis has recently been in the headlines, and its health benefits are being advertised. But many marijuana smokers will laugh at the idea of it being a weight loss aid after experiencing “the munchies” soon after smoking a joint. 

Perhaps they may have been less cynical if they had signed up for the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC) Marijuana and Weight Loss study. These showed a lower prevalence of obesity among cannabis users, but couldn’t find conclusive evidence linking marijuana to weight loss making this potential fat burning food – at best, a definite maybe

In those states where cannabis is legal for medicinal use, it is still highly unlikely that any medical professional will be giving consent for this herbal mind-altering drug in the case of weight management.

Okay, so we admit – maybe this is a list of 12 fat burning foods that help you lose weight after all. Wellness and metabolism go hand in hand and the challenge of losing weight can be challenging.

Adding some – or all, these foods to your diet will assist in getting those fabulously flat abs as losing belly fat is easier when a healthy diet is combined with moderate exercise. Getting the right nutrients, it’s also a quick fix to higher energy levels and is a great mood enhancer.


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