We?ve all heard a ton about green tea for weight loss, so we?re going to talk about which of the claims are true and its connection to weight loss. Let?s start with some general facts about green tea.

Did you know green tea has been in this world since 2737 B.C.? It originated in China and is currently available in all parts of the world. It is available right around the corner, in every caf? or restaurant and it can be made at home pretty easily as well.


Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a favorite for losing weight but it has other health benefits too.

Protects against diseases

First things first. Green tea is full of healthy nutrients and antioxidants. It contains a powerful antioxidant named “Catechin” which is considered to be stronger than vitamin E and C which helps us in strengthening our immune system and it protects us from several diseases.

It offers some defense against degenerative diseases. It also works to prevent oxidative stress and neurological issues. Individuals who consume green tea have lower rates of cancer.

Improves oral health

If you?re struggling with bad breath, try adding green tea to your diet. Nutrients in green tea called Catechin are an excellent way to prevent and destroy the bacteria in our mouths. It even reduces cavity risk. 

Reduces stress and improves quality of sleep

Green tea is a good substitute for coffee as it gives you stable energy. Unlike coffee, it doesn?t give you any sleep trouble. It reduces your stress and provides quality sleep. It?s good for your heart as it lowers blood pressure. It?s good for your brain as well. Research shows that Catechin decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer?s and Parkinson?s disease.

It is important to purchase natural green tea as supplements and preserved products are not as beneficial as the natural product.

Does green tea reduce belly fat?

Use of green tea for Weight loss is not a settled matter. There are conflicting studies and not all studies agree on if green tea burns belly fat in our body. The metabolism and fat oxidation are expected to get better with green tea for reducing belly fat, however.


First, to burn fat, your body has to smash it into little pieces and pass it to your blood circulation. So, the components in green tea can boost the spending of your energy and help combat the slowing down of your metabolism while you’re trying to lose weight.

The use of green tea for losing weight has proved to be constructive. The flavonoid, epigallocatechin gallate is a very significant ingredient in green tea and it is amply available in it. This antioxidant has everything to do with metabolism, inflammation, and your immune system. It makes everything better.

A study conducted on 23 males revealed that drinking green tea for weight loss prior to working out led to 17 percent of increased fat burning. This study implies that green tea can assist to burn extra fat during work out. ?

As we were talking about an improved metabolic rate via green tea, your body will automatically burn calories faster because of this. Green tea is low in calories but it will make your stomach feel full. It also increases your body temperature so while your body is trying to lower your body temperature you will burn calories through that process as well.

And since green tea is a good stress and anxiety reliever, it will aid your body in creating smaller amounts of cortisol (which is a hormone) and guaranteeing that your body makes smaller amounts of visceral fat which is in your abdomen area because higher cortisol levels are linked with eating more.

How much weight can be lost with green tea?

Green tea usage for losing belly fat has been seen to increase over the years because of the link between green tea and weight loss. You will see a drop in your weight with green tea use on a regular basis.

Multiple research has proven that green tea has certain antioxidants present in it that contribute to the speeding up of your metabolism and fat oxidation. Green tea can improve insulin effectiveness. It has been suggested by research that individuals who drink green tea managed to drop 1.31 kilograms in a time span of twelve weeks although they kept a standard diet.

Another study suggested that teas that have Catechin present in them can have a small positive effect on weight loss or weight maintenance. Just to remind you, green tea has Catechin in it. Don?t be put down by the word ?small?. Small amounts of weight drops can make a huge difference for you eventually.

Which green tea is best for weight loss?

If you are now concerned about which green tea is best for losing weight, short answer is that there is not much difference between different green tea varieties.

Every type of green tea provides the advantages of weight loss. There isn’t much distinction in the types of it except that the flavor, quality and the?fragrance?of it may not be the same as others. Of course, a better quality of green tea for weight loss will give you greater satisfaction.?

Pure green tea leaves are what you should be looking for because that way you will be sure that nothing extra has been added to it. You need to be free of any chemical. Pure green tea leaves are better than tea bags too since every bit of it is crushed and added to the bags. This might reduce its basic function because of processing.


Here are some types of green teas you can try that are good for weight loss:

  •  Matcha
  •  Sencha or steeped tea
  • Gyokuro
  • H?jicha or oven roasted tea
  • Bancha or the common tea

What is the best tea to drink for weight loss?

Tea has been common for centuries on the earth and has been known for its health benefits. With every fresh research reported, a testimony of the health benefits of consuming green tea comes forward. 

Some top teas to aid your weight loss apart from green tea are:

  1. Honey lemon tea: Lemon is good to detox your body and it is also good for your liver. Honey can lead to an increased fat burning because it is considered to have medicinal benefits.
  2. Lotus leaf tea: It helps fasten your metabolism, lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol. Most importantly, if you struggle with irregular sleeping patterns, it has a calming element to it that aids in sleeping better.
  3. Oolong tea: This tea helps in escalating the spending of energy. It boosts your metabolism. It burns fat and even makes you feel fuller.
  4. Dried tangerine peel tea: It?s good at detoxing. It further aids indigestion and treatment of colds and motion sickness.

However, there is no best tea to drink for weight loss. All types of green tea for weight loss have their own advantages and some similar to each other. Tea includes polyphenols and other elements?that can minimize the likelihood of chronic illnesses, cardiac problems, arthritis, and diabetes.?However, in recent findings, the favorable effects of consuming green tea every day are becoming better recognized.?

Having said that, no tea will make you lose pounds overnight. So do not go around skipping meals and sticking to drinking tea alone. Tea only helps the process of losing weight. It is not THE only thing you need to lose weight. It?s always a combination of things that assist in losing weight. Two other critical factors are eating a healthy diet and spending calories working out.

Best time to drink green tea for flat tummy

There are different times of the day when you can have green tea for flat tummy, depending on your choice. But best time to drink green tea for weight loss is before exercise because it will give you a bit of more energy because of the caffeine content.

Avoid having green tea on empty stomach in the morning because high catechins content may affect your liver health.

If you have nutrient or iron deficiency, try to avoid taking green tea with meals because it can affect absorption of iron and other nutrients because of caffeine. In that case you can have green tea between meals, about two hours after a meal.

Another suitable time for green tea for weight loss is about two hours before your last meal of the day because if you take green tea too close to your bedtime, it might affect y our sleep.

How many cups of green tea a day to lose weight?

So how many cups of green day should you drink every day for weight loss?

As humans, we tend to over-consume everything we end up liking. However, it is considered necessary to keep a balance as too much of anything will affect you with the opposite of effect. So, how many cups of green tea should you drink in a day to lose weight?

Research suggests that two to three cups of green tea for weight loss are sufficient to help you in losing weight. However, the number of cups can vary as every individual has a different metabolic rate and caffeine intake. For example, this study suggest that consuming four cups of green tea per day decreased body weight, waist measurement and the systolic blood pressure of patients who have type 2 diabetes. So, the number of cups primarily depends on the individual as well.

But remember, if you are drinking two to three big mugs of green tea every day then that may be considered excessive. The quantity of it is significant. Turkish people have all types of teas in small cups because as per their logic small cups help appreciate the taste of it and it also keeps the caffeine balanced. So if you?re planning on a daily intake of green tea, keep it minimal to two or maximum three cups a day in small quantities.

Does green tea have side effects?

Now consuming too much of any product can, a majority of the time, lead to side effects. As mentioned earlier, we know how once someone starts to like something they over-consume it and in some cases get addicted to it.


How much green tea for weight loss is consumed by an individual varies from person to person especially according to blood group. Always remember this tip, people with O group always have a high level of stomach acids. So if they normally consume more than 2-3 cups a day it may lead to heart burn and acidity, while the A, B and AB blood group lot have lower levels of stomach acid.

So, they can digest green tea more easily, faster, and without the acidity. These individuals can drink 3-4 cups a day. Whatever your blood group is, the recommended cups of green tea are no more than 2-3 cups a day. Drinking more than that may prove harmful.

Another factor that is very important to mention is that females during pregnancy or breastfeeding should not consume more than 2 cups of green tea for weight loss. In fact, they should not be worried about weight gain during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Overconsumption can have adverse effects like miscarriages, so during pregnancy avoiding green tea is preferable.

Further side effects of consuming green tea in excess include:

  • Green tea does have caffeine and a higher dosage of caffeine causes insomnia, diarrhea, frequent urination, nausea, and an upset stomach is common.
  • Overconsumption can lead to osteoporosis as your body expels greater amounts of calcium if caffeine intakes increase.
  • Excess consumption of green tea leads to a reduction in testosterone and iron levels in our bodies and can also cause liver damage.
  • Another side effect of green tea is that excess caffeine can lead to increased levels of anxiety. It can also cause irregular heartbeats.


It is crucial to know that sticking to green tea for weight loss alone will not get you to lose all that weight or even maintain it. A variety of foods, beverages, and exercise will go hand-in-hand to get your weight where you want it to be. In case you end up loving green tea, do not see it as a problem as the health benefits of it weigh out its disadvantages which are close to none.


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