One in 10 Americans skips breakfast, a?research report?from NPD group has noted. And an estimated 31 millions Americans do not start their day with a breakfast. Younger males are more likely to go to their schools or workplaces without breakfast when compared with females. But can there be a link between breakfast and weight loss?


Does eating a healthy breakfast help control weight?

While the medical research is not conclusive, a few studies also find no link between weight loss breakfast and actual weight loss. A?small study?at University of Alabama found no identifiable association between regular breakfast and weight loss.?

However, it is a general recommendation of most nutritionists to not skip breakfast. Most nutrition experts agree that breakfast is important in context of overall weight loss strategy. 

A?study at Cornell University?found association between naturally slim people and their habit of eating breakfast. 96 percent of the respondents who were naturally slim responded that they nearly have their breakfast every day.?

However, it is less about regularly breakfast than a healthy breakfast for weight loss. If you start your day with a lot of sugary foods or starchy food, you are very likely to have hunger cravings within a few hours of breakfast because of the poor food choice at breakfast.?

Junk food and vending machines at your workplace will be your regular visit places if you trade your healthy breakfast with a cup of coffee or a snack bar. This will surely put your otherwise healthy weight loss diet on a wrong track.?

It will be futile to eat twinkies with coffee as a breakfast and expect a weight loss miracle. Unhealthy foods can only lead to weight gain consistently, what to talk of weight loss. 

What foods to eat for breakfast to lose weight?

But what should be included in a healthy breakfast for weight loss? 

The best breakfast for weight loss must include healthy breakfast foods. By including these foods in your breakfast, you will set a healthy tone to your start of the day. 

First up, try to replace plain cereals with whole-grain cereals. This will not only keep you satiated for longer than other foods but as a bonus you decrease your risk of dying early, as per a?5-year research study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that followed eating habits of 86,000 doctors.?

And the reason whole-grain cereals will help you lose weight is because of the fiber content in them. Research has found that you can lose belly fat up to 3.7 percent over a period of five years if you just increase your intake of soluble fiber by 10-gram every day. So strike a blow to belly fat by increasing soluble fiber in your breakfast.?

The best breakfasts should ideally include the following: 

  • Carbohydrates (as we discussed earlier, whole-grain carbs)
  • A serving of protein
  • Fruit
  • Water

So, you should steer clear of sugary foods like toaster pastries and processed cereals which have a lot of added sugar. You start your day sweet and you will set yourself up for craving sweets all day, which is definitely the direct inverse of what you actually want to achieve and that is to feel satiated for longer. 

Here are few good healthy breakfast choices for weight loss: 

  • Whole-grain bread
  • Eggs
  • Green or yogurt smoothies
  • Fruit based protein shake
  • Oatmeal
  • Low-sugar whole grain cereal
  • Apple, banana
  • Peanut butter

It may sound a little counterintuitive but the fact is that by starting your day with a big and healthy breakfast, you are more likely to lose weight faster than by skipping breakfast. Apart from being satiated, a healthy breakfast kick-starts your metabolism into gear.?

And an optimum metabolism will help your body burn calories all day long. And all these calories are burned while you eat. Who would not like to burn calories by eating? 

But selecting what you include in your breakfast would have a direct bearing on how much benefit you will extract out of this regime. 

Having a healthy breakfast can trigger long term weight loss and is one of the predictors of dieting success. If you feel pressed for time in the morning because you are not an early riser, make it a habit to prepare your breakfast the night before. 


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