Finishing off a meal with a desert has become an important part of or our diet but this is also quite a challenge to resist for those who are struggling to lose weight.


Why we like sugar?

Eating something sweet makes us feel happy because our bodies release a chemical called serotonin (feel good hormone) in our blood when we eat a sweet treat. The result is a feeling of happiness and calmness. And this is the chemical reason that we associate sweets with happiness and celebrate happy moments with sweet treats.

Sugar craving is a real thing and can affect the majority of us, especially on a low carb diet. Therefore, if you want to completely cut out dessert from your weight loss diet, it would be better if you try replacing it with a healthy dessert. The healthy desserts would not make you feel deprived and at the same time will not make you feel guilty for ruining your diet.

Why too much desserts might be unhealthy?

Added sugar in our diet has been linked with not only obesity but also dental carries, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Therefore, it is natural that you would want to limit your sugar intake while dieting. But does it mean that you do not eat any desserts at all or healthy desserts can be part of a weight loss diet?

Eating dessert on a diet might initially seem counterintuitive. But the fact is that you will not be able to resist a few sweet treats now and then. And if you do not give in to the sweet tooth occasionally, there is every chance that your diet compliance will suffer and you may end up blowing your diet.

Also, Dietary Guidelines allow up to 35 mg per day of added sugar. However, we need to also account for added sugar in ready foods like breads, pastas, and almost any other processed food.

Are healthy desserts an option?

You do not have to move your head in the negative every time you are offered a share of a delicious pie, a piece from a decadent chocolate cake or a cheesecake post-dinner. Successful weight loss also means enjoying your foods that you love, in moderation.

Skipping always even the healthy desserts would build a feeling of deprivation and resent inside you about the new healthy lifestyle choices you have committed while trying to lose weight.

So if you are really worried about sugar adding to your waistline or causing other diseases, rather than completing ditching desserts, you can try to switch to healthier versions of your favorite desserts.

It is quite safe to enjoy your healthy desserts here and there on course to weight loss but here are few things you can take care of so that you do not overdo on desserts and blow your diet.

  • When offered desserts at restaurants while eating out, split the serving among friends because large serving size of restaurants can feed between 3 and 4 people.?
  • Make it a habit to eat half of the peice of pie or cake than you would normally do
  • Skip all a la mode options additions to cakes and pies
  • Pick your favorite dessert when given a choice between a healthy sessert and your favorite one. But only a smaller portion. Because if you eat the healthy dessert in the presence of your favorite option, you would feel unsatisfied and may end up eating a second serving anyway.?
  • Add a fruit serving to your dessert to boost fiber and decrease sugar calories
  • Do not bring the leftover desserts from restaurants to home. By getting it packed up, you would only reinforce your temptation to eat it later.
  • When eating desserts, eat slowly. Feel the decadent feeling of a a decadent dessert. Enjoy your favorite foods by eating slowly.?
  • And lastly, do not feel guilty about enjoying your dessert. Set yourself free from feeling of guilt.

Healthy dessert suggestions

Here is a compilation of healthy dessert options that would not make you feel even guilty after satisfying your sweet tooth.


Fruits are definitely a good substitute for desserts because these are abundant in vitamins and minerals which make these a lot more nutritious than a piece of cheesecake. Select the seasonal fruits according to your location and keep enjoying sweet while dieting.


If you crave badly for ice cream, you may try swapping it with natural yogurt. You would enjoy a flavorful sweet treat which will be high in protein and healthy fats. However, make sure you pick the no-added sugar option at the grocery.


A cup of fruity or herbal tea can not only be a healthy nighttime ritual but also be a satisfying substitute of dessert. However, try to avoid any caffeine beverage at night because it might affect your sleep.


The last in our list of healthy desserts suggestion is chocolate. But it has to be dark chocolate and not sugar bombs like dairy chocolate and other sweetened chocolates.

A good rule of thumb for picking a healthy chocolate that sits well with a weight loss diet is to aim for a chocolate with minimum 70 percent cocoa. Chocolate is a nutrient rich diet that contains iron, fiber, cooper, antioxidants and magnesium.

What we need to understand is that a healthy diet can never be a diet that is full of desserts. However, at the same time a weight loss plan need not be 100 percent dessert free.

The success of your diet plan will be ensured if you enjoy foods that you love and these are not excluded from your diet completely. Because by complete exclusion, you might only set yourself up for a dessert bender.

Moderation is the key to enjoying your life and keep tasting delicious and healthy desserts, even while trying to shed some pounds. It can only be a recipe for a disaster if you get in to a mindset where you feel deprived of sweet treats of life to lose weight.


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