How to Snack Your Way to Weight Loss? While snacks have bad name for adding layers of fats to our bodies, but with our healthy snacks ideas for weight loss, the reverse is also possible. You can in fact expect to get slimmer with the helps of snacks.


Eat to lose weight – guess you didn’t expect that. And no, we’re not talking about dried vegetables; it’s weight loss snacks time. Snacking has probably never been associated with losing weight, except if the snacks were broccoli or gluten-free, flavor-free, and generally unpronounceable. 

But yes, it’s true that you can eat snacks to lose weight. This is a topic that has been extensively discussed through studies. Of course, too many calories can cause weight gain, but it’s all about the type of snacks. In fact, many factors could cause weight gain and even obesity. 

So, let’s eat some weight loss snacks and stop those mood swings by getting rid of the cravings. Your partner, children, family, and pets will be grateful for your effort and, at the end of the day, the scale as well. 

Let’s firstly look at a few snacks that you can eat to beat those cravings to their doom, and then we will get to why it works. Feel free to indulge – there are 12 of them. 


Granted, the first snack on this list is probably not very inspiring or exciting, but please remember why you should eat one apple a day. Not a fan of your doctor? Apples won’t just keep them away but the cravings as well. 

One whole apple, with the tiniest bit of natural peanut butter, is not only a tasty treat for those stressful days but also combines healthy fats, fiber, and good protein for keeping you away from the naughties. 

An apple, together with physical exercise, keeps the doctor away and helps you achieve a healthy weight. The real hero is the fiber in fresh fruits to keep the cravings at bay. 


Don’t go nuts with your cravings, eat them. Not your cravings, the nuts, of course. Nuts will help stave off the worst of the cravings. It is a go-to snack if you are feeling puckish, and it’s paired with protein as well, which is in a lot of ways beneficial to losing weight. 

As long as your choice of nuttiness isn’t paired with saltiness, your snack is good to go and full of craving-buster goodness. It also helps to keep you full and away from the chocolate. 

Mixed Batch 

Since we are looking at a lot of weight loss snacks options, we will add a mixed batch, basket, bucket, or jar to number three on this list. This is the ‘’do it yourself’’ option – the one you need when you need to be saved from whatever bad, fatty, sugary thing you want to eat. 

So, mix it up. Create a plate of nuts, raisins, berries, cacao chips, a little bit of saltiness, and a sweet nibble. Add some crunch to it if you want, and you’ve got a mixed batch, one that you will stop unhealthy cravings in next to no time craving for in no time. All these foods add a sense of fullness, so mix it up, go crazy, and stay full. 

Keep Poppin

Imagine a cozy night on the couch with your favorite movie – what snack won’t be unhealthy to your weight loss journey? It might not be one the healthy snack ideas that you expect; it’s popcorn, the perfect movie companion. As with many other foods that are perfect for getting rid of cravings, popcorn possesses fiber. Fibre, fiber, fiber, you just can’t get enough of it!  

It is the perfect savory weight-loss snack with about 30 calories per cup, and your sweet tooth will also approve. Mix your popcorn bowl with some cinnamon butter and garlic powder, with a pinch of rosemary. You’ve got a pretty snack that’s sweet, salty, and will keep you far away from those bad cravings. What’s not to like? 

Let’s get Sassy 

Garbanzo. Do you hear that? No, it’s not a mariachi band. It’s the Garbanzo that’s calling you to get rid of your cravings. Garbanzos are roasted chickpeas and a firm favorite on this list. It’s packed with protein, complex carbohydrates, and gives you the energy to deal with your day. Garbanzo breakfast? Go for it. 

If you can’t find these in your nearest store, do not sweat it. You can easily make your own in the comfort of your own kitchen. Rinse your dried chickpeas, place on a paper towel, and roast for 45 minutes or until crispy. Add whatever makes you happy as long as it’s healthy – too much salt is never good. Think lemon juice, seas salt, or soy sauce. Hold your peas – were not done yet. Bake for another 15 minutes, and voila!  

Get Carbed

Alright, so you’ve probably craved carbs. It’s a different feeling and not a good one. Carbs are not always the healthiest, but they still possess some possible aspects. By introducing some avocado, lemon juice, an English muffin, and whatever whole grain you want, you’ve got a carbed up snack that’s healthy and will satisfy your taste buds. The key is to select carbs with natural sugar in their possibly most natural form and without added sugar. 

Powder, Powder 

We were talking about protein powder. Protein powder is everyone’s best friend, so it is best to get acquainted now. Protein has the same benefits as fiber; it keeps you full and acts as a chocolate deterrent. No jokes, you literally won’t even crave chocolate. It’s that good. 

If you are not a fan of the powder idea but need your protein fix, you can always go for a healthy tuna option as a high protein snack. A fresh salad or a whole wheat slice of bread with avocado and tuna is one of the perfect weight loss snacks. 

Nice Cream

Forget diamonds, ice cream is a girl’s real best friend. It is also a huge obstruction to your weight loss journey. Make it fake; make ‘nice cream.’ Grab some frozen banana and put it through your blender, add some natural peanut butter, cocoa (unsweetened), and put a cherry on top and you have got a home made nutritious snack. 

You’ve got a new creamy snack to bust the worst cravings. 


Avocado is a great snack for weight loss, to be healthy, beat stress, and a great deal more. Instead of grabbing a plate of nachos, or cheesy whatever, grab an avocado and bust those cravings Mexican style. Most junk foods are filled with saturated fat and other bad stuff that just doesn’t cut with a healthy diet or for losing weight. 

Rather make your own geeky Spanish yogurt at home and have yourself a fiesta. All you need is mashed avocado mixed with fat-free yogurt, ranch dressing (obviously fat-free), and a tablespoon of lime juice. There you have it, a tasty snack full of goodness that will keep you from craving the bad stuff. 

Why Does Snacking Help?

Dietitians and nutritionists swear by these weight loss snacks. Not only is it healthy, but it keeps you healthy. These are not junk food based snacks you open from a packet made in a factory. Some of it is freshly prepared by you in your own kitchen.

Not only are you getting a tasty snack, but you’re making the snack. This triggers that familiar feeling of giving in to a craving and preparing something in the kitchen. Only this time, it will be healthy and will actually keep the cravings away. 

With a lot of cravings, we don’t get rid of them, which results in just increasing the small problem to a bigger problem. By introducing these snacks into your diet, you will be able to indulge your cravings by eating. But you will be eating mindfully. You will be eating snacks that are not only healthy but that bust that unwanted hankering for something unhealthy. 

Let’s Repeat That: It Prevents Cravings

To be clear, hunger is not craving. Hunger is the feeling you get when you are not consuming the necessary nutrients. If you are eating the right foods, you will not necessarily need to lose weight. 

In essence, there is a difference between eating a meal and snacking between meals. We all get hungry between meals, but that doesn’t mean you should get a double cheeseburger for lunch or a tub of ice cream for dessert. 

Snack your way to losing weight, and you won’t only see the difference but feel the difference. Who doesn’t like snacks? These just aren’t manufactured. They are healthy, nutritious, and full of goodness that will keep the cravings for fats and sugars away. 

Helps to Burn Calories

Snacks will lend you a helping hand to allow your body to burn calories instead of storing it in unwanted or unnoticeable areas. This means that ‘’snacking healthy’’ is a much better option to bust your hunger while still looking and feeling your best.

It is also a surefire way to get rid of cravings. These snacks include normal yogurt, fruit cups, oatmeal smoothies with peanut butter, and hummus.

Snacking is your best bet at getting rid of unwanted weight gain. One thing to remember is that when we are craving food, we are also emotional. Instead of triggering your fight reflexes, have a snack. It is much better for you anyway.

Turns you Into a Superhero

Snacking will actually give you energy. We all need the energy to get through demanding and stressful days. Snacking provides energy that lasts, not energy that fizzles out.

It’s important to remember that snacking should be spaced and paced. Don’t snack too much, and don’t snack too much in short periods. Give at least 3 hours in-between snacks, and you will become full of energy and feel like you could conquer the world.

Boost You Nutrients

By snacking the right foods, you are letting goodness into your system. This is a great way to boost your nutrient intake while also improving your overall health, and banning cravings. Not only is it healthy for your body weight and nutrient intake, but it also helps to keep blood sugar steady by increasing insulin sensitivity – if you snack wisely. Our list is kind; the snacks are tasty, sweet, sour, and everything in between.

Get Snacking, Today

There’s no time better than today to get rid of those cravings and say hello to a brighter disposition with extra energy to deal with your day. In today’s life, we deal with many challenges, and your diet doesn’t have to be one of them. Indulge in these healthy snacks ideas for weight loss, and get rid of your cravings. Healthy, energetic, and tasty.


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