Almost every healthy diet would recommend that you eat foods rich in fiber. While most also emphasize high fiber low-carb foods, or high fiber low-fat foods, eating high fiber fruits is also a perfect weight loss strategy.?

So, why all this fetish with dietary fiber? Why there is an agreement that foods high in fiber help you lose weight??

Briefly we will discuss what dietary fiber is and what are its different types. And then we will have a look at the amazing health benefits and weight loss magic of fiber, based on medical research. And we will have a list showing which fruit has the most fiber.?

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What is dietary fiber?

Fiber is the indigestible part of our food that is not digested by our digestive system. It only absorbs water as it passes through our digestive tract and is passed out as excretion of bowel movements.?

Dietary fiber is of two types. One is called insoluble fiber. This is not dissolved in water or other juices in the body. Good sources of insoluble fiber are green vegetables, wheat and corn bran, high fiber fruits like apple with skin, nuts, root vegetable skins and seeds.?

The other is called soluble fiber because it gets dissolved in water during the digestion process and forms a gel like substance. Soluble fiber is mostly found in oatmeal, whole wheat bread, beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, zucchini and many fruits like banana, orange, grapefruit and grapes.

So, how much fiber per day you should be taking? Based on a 2000 calorie diet, the recommended daily fiber intake is 25 g. It has been reported that United States adults take only half of the recommended daily fiber intake value on average.?

Fiber benefits

Fiber has amazing health benefits. A high fiber food has been linked with reduced cholesterol levels in the blood, which improves heart health. (1) (1a)

Another study published in Hepatology journal found that oat bran (fiber) not only reduces cholesterol but it also reduces its synthesis. (2)?

Other benefits of high fiber diet also include better blood glucose regulation and improved gastrointestinal health. (3) A separate study has shown positive effects of fiber rich diet in the treatment of diabetes.(4) A diet low in fiber affects gut bacteria which degrades the mucous layer of colon. (5)

And of course, a fiber filled diet has shown positive effects for weight loss. A study published in Nutrition magazine has found that increased fiber intake reduces body weight and body fat. It also found a positive effect of high rich foods on lower body mass index. (6)

A study published in 2001 found that just by eating additional 14g/day of fiber for more than two weeks in a 3.8 weeks period resulted in weight loss of 1.9 kg. (7)

Which fruits are high in fiber and low in sugar?

Now that I have sold you the idea that eating more fiber comes with a lot of health benefits including weight loss on a long-term basis, what is better than knowing which fruits have the highest fiber percentage.?

The nutrition data has been sourced from the United States Department of Agriculture SR-21 and US Dietary Guidelines 2015-2020 guidance on fiber content in the highest fiber foods.?

This list of high fiber fruits also includes dried fruit because these are some foods that are packed with the highest percentage of fiber per 100 grams.?

  1. Avocado

 Avocado is not only packed with the best fats for humans on the planet but it is also among the high fiber foods. Its fiber percentage is 6.7%. 

  • Raspberries

Raspberries make to every healthy diet list because they are loaded with 6.5% fiber content. 

  • Blackberries

Almost all types of berries are very healthy. And blackberries are also among the most fiber rich fruits with 5.3% fiber. 

  • Orange

We all love orange juice. But if you are trying to lose weight then you should eat whole orange because only then you get the benefit of fiber. Orange comes with 2.4% fiber. 

  • Banana

Banana is one of the most favorite and popular fruits. It is loaded with sugars and carbohydrates but it is still a healthy fruit because there is 2.6% fiber in banana which is more than orange. 

  • Apple

Apple is known as a healthy fruit. It has the same percentage of fiber as orange. But it is important that you eat apple with skin to fully take benefit from insoluble fiber. 

  • Strawberries

They look beautiful and have less sugar content than most fruits. At the same time they have 2 percent fiber.

  • Guava

Guava is a fruit which is known for its good effects on the digestive system. And that is because it is one of the leading high fiber foods. In fact, it is the third most fiber rich fruit after Avocado and Raspberries with 5.4% fiber. 

  • Pears

With a fiber percentage of 3.1%, pears are a very good source of dietary fiber. 

  • Figs, dried

Figs are an excellent source of fiber with an almost 10 grams of fiber in every 100 g of dried figs. However, they are also packed with sugars, so don’t overindulge because it will disturb your calorie balance. 

  • Blueberries

Blueberries find their way to most salads because of their special taste and a high fiber content which means 2.4g of fiber in 100g of blueberries. 

  • Almonds

Among dried fruit, almonds have the highest percentage of fiber at 12.2. So not only you get healthy fats from almonds but also good supply of fiber. 

  • Dates

Dates have 6.7 percent dietary fiber which makes them one of the high fiber fruits but they are also loaded with sugars. Therefore, moderation is the mantra when you are trying to get your fiber intake from dates. 

  • Pistachios

These green little things are packed with healthy fats and 10.3 percent fiber. So munch these as high fiber snacks. 

  • Hazelnut

Almost all dried fruits are full of dietary fiber and hazelnut is no exception with its 9.7% fiber. They definitely make to the list of high fiber foods.?

The bottom line

Did we leave watermelon on purpose? Is watermelon high in fiber? The answer is no. It has only 0.4 percent fiber which is almost negligible. Therefore, it did not make to our list of high fiber fruits.?

However, one treat that is not a fruit, but we have listed for all you with sweet tooth out there is dark chocolate. It might be surprising but it has 10.9 percent fiber. So treat yourself to a little fiber treat occasionally.?

We have listed the above fruits in the form of a high fiber foods chart, focused just on fruits. So, increase your fiber intake by eating these sweet fruits because going by the statistics, you are eating only half of the recommended daily fiber intake. 


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