One of the embarassing moments for someone struggling with shedding stubborn body fat is when you can not wave your arm up because you have sagging upper arms.

Why does fat goes to your arms?

When you eat more and have a sedentary lifestyle, your body fat will increase. It increases throughout your body but some of the visible areas are your belly, thighs and arms.

Of course when you are overweight, you would look for ways to lose extra arm fat.

While it is totally possible to slim down and tone your arms, it is not through a magic trick of some spot exercises that different TV commercials would want you to believe.

Why spot reducing arm fat is not possible?

It is not just for losing arm fat. Science believes that it is not possible to spot reduce fat from any part of the body.

You can not just pick a part of the body and try to exercise fat away from that area. Therefore, having more fat on your arms should not lead you to believe that you can lose fat directly from your arms only without losing body fat all over.

How to lose arm fat

So if you want to make your arms smaller, you will have to take a holistic approach and focus on overall weight loss.

Secondly you should consider exercise to tone your arms muscles rather than fat loss because losing fat will build muscles and tone your arms.

Here are our top 10 ways to lose arm fat fast:

1. Clean eating

In order to jumpstart weight loss, you should commit to eating clean, healthy and nutritious diet. If you can control what goes to your stomach, you have already won 70 percent of the battle to lose excess body fat.

First of all you need to stop eating processed foods, unhealthy fats. At the very least, place a ban on packaged food.

Equally important is that you do not drink your calories which means you should completely stay away from sodas and other sweetened drinks. Even fresh juices are your no-go food while you trying to lose arm fat.

Start eating vegetables with at least two meals in a day along with protein and whole grain carbs. If you miss your desserts, you can munch on fruit.

2. Strength training

Start lifting weights at home or in the gym for three reasons. First of all exercise boosts metabolism and helps reduce excess body fat.

Secondly, resistance training will help you build muscles which will enhance muscle tone in your arms.

Thirdly, weight training will increase your basal metabolic rate, which scientists believe is responsible for burning more up to 70 percent of your calories.

And interesting all these calories will be burned while you are resting because muscles burn calories even in rest.

3. Cardio is your friend

Cardio helps burn calories and eliminate body fat. (1)

If you want to lose arm fat over time in a consistent manner and keep it off too, you will have to schedule cardio exercise at least 300 minutes a week.

Make sure that it is moderate intensity. One good test is to see if you are breathing through mouth.

4. More fiber in your diet

Increasing fiber in diet can boost weight loss and decrease arm fat in the process.

Fiber digests slowly which means your stomach will take more time to convert it to energy. This translates into less hungry you, eating less calories. (2)

Some good sources of fiber are oats, whole grains, nuts, fresh fruits and green vegetables.

5. Eat protein more often

Eating more protein decreases your appetite because it will take longer to digest. It is for this reason that increased protein intake in diet has been inversely related with belly fat. (3) This will give you back control of your food cravings because of hunger pangs.

It is also known to decrease production of hunger stimulating hormone called ghrelin.

Some great sources of lean protein are eggs, poultry, lean meat, fish and dairy products. If you eat more of these, they can help you lose arm fat fast.

6. Follow a sleep schedule

One area that most people ignore when are struggling with weight loss is their sleep. It has been shown that sleep deprivation is strongly linked with weight gain.

When you are not sleeping enough, you will feel more hunger because your ghrelin levels will be on the higher side. Even one night lack of sleep can disturb this hormone. (4)

And also because of lack of energy, you will try to compensate lethargy by eating more.

7. Drink healthy amount of water

When it comes to losing arm fat, drinking enough water is important.

Water has been known to supercharge your metabolism by up to 30 percent. (5) However, be sure that you stick to plain cold water. (6)

And of course when you drink water before meal, your stomach will be tricked into feelings of fullness and you will stand up from the dining table eating less calories in the end.

What exercise helps lose arms fat?

At the minimum you need to be doing 300 minutes of moderate physical exercise which might include jogging, running,brisk walking, cycling, swimming etc. In addition you will also be going for weight training two days a week for about 20 minutes each.

In the gym you can focus more on arms training with focus on biceps and triceps to tone your arms. Some of the recommended reps are:

  • Bicep curl
  • Shoulder press
  • Triceps pushback
  • Lateral arms raises
  • Tricep overhead extension

If you can not go to gym, here are some body resistance exercises that you can try. You can easily watch YouTube video for each of these:

  • Tricep pushups on knees
  • Tricep dips
  • Side plank
  • Reverse table top plank
  • Dolphin dive


If you follow the above regime of diet and exercise for a few months, these are the best strategies that you can use to lose arm fat.

In a few months of following this, you will definitely shed your wanted arm fat and proudly be wearing sleeveless shirts.


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