We are all familiar with our fights with weight and how we are always shifting diets when we are trying to lose weight. We are always in search of a perfect miracle diet that will shed all fat away from our belly in a week.

A lot of people try dieting , but only a few stay on it and almost every person ditch it, coming to a point where they don’t have the courage to continue or are unable to stop their cravings. We are left with asking the question: is it possible to lose weight without counting calories?


Why Diets Don’t Work? 

So most popular diets have 95 percent failure rate. Plus they are not backed by science and almost always result in vital nutrients deficiency. (1) (2) Would you get in a car that has a 95 percent chance of crashing? Probably not, then why would you do this with your health and well-being? 

In short, diet triggers your brain to think about food, be attracted to food and eating in large quantities without feeling full because of the physiological changes that happen in your body and also activates the part of your brain that almost sets you on this uncontrollable autopilot eating.

That is why you might have some of those experiences where once you start you can’t stop.

If dieting is making you think about food, it’s setting you up to gain more weight rather than losing it.

Doctors also agree that extreme diets are never good in the long run to lose weight and keep it off.

Are fad diets the easy weight loss method?

Another misconception is fad diets. People think fad diets are the easy way out of weight loss. But they are even worse than normal dieting.

What it a fad diet? 

A fad diet can be any diet promising fast weight loss, such as diets of alkaline, diets consisting of baby food, cleanses and diets that are free of gluten, etc. No doubt fad diets seriously tempt you to try them with a false assurance of losing weight. 

But the reality is bitter, fad diets do not really work in a healthy way so please don’t be tempted by them. They are almost always accompanied by drastically cutting back on calories or on a particular essential nutrient. (3)

Why are they bad? 

Here are the three main reasons why fad diets are bad for you.

  • Fad diets will not help in eliminating the original problem which caused excessive weight gain in the first place. 
  • After you are done with your diet, all the weight you lost will be gained back because you are most likely to start eating again going back to your old habits. 
  •  Fad diet requires you to eliminate foods that are actually nourishing for you and if not taken it will turn into the deficiency of nutrients.

Indications of Fad Diets

 When searching for a proper diet, watch out for these signs. 

  • No exercise is needed. They promise you don’t have to move your body to lose weight. Though it is possible to lose weight without exercise but fad diets are not the way to do it.
  • Tells you about some supplements including some magical fat burners, exponential metabolism or rapid weight loss
  • Assurance of quick weight loss in no time at all
  • Cut out nutritious foods

If you come across these signs know that it’s a fad diet and is not recommended by doctors.

Instead, adopting a healthy lifestyle for a long time is much preferred. And that is precisely how you lose weight without dieting.

How to lose weight without dieting

So, if there are don’t want to diet but you still need to shed some pounds, how is that going to happen? 

Well, you can do lots of other things to lose weight other than dieting but first, throw that word “DIET” out of the window, then your body and brain will relax instead of being in a survival mood all the time. 

1 pound consists of 3,500 calories. Through cutting out 500 calories per day and some modifications in your lifestyle along with exercise, it’s possible to lose 1 pound within one week. This should be your guiding principle for weight loss.

 Here are our recommended 12 easy ways to maintain and lose your weight without any need for dieting.

 1- Enjoy breakfast

People think that by skipping breakfast they will lose weight or avoid calories but that’s not the case. You eat more when you skip breakfast because you feel hungrier throughout the day which makes it impossible to control yourself when you are eating.

Taking a healthy breakfast can help you with metabolism and a good day. (4) You won’t feel starved throughout the day and could easily make to your lunch time without snacking on unhealthy cookies or sweetened drinks.

 2- Slowdown while eating 

This is an effective way to lose weight without dieitng. You still eat to heart’s content but end up eating less ands still be happy.

We normally eat too quickly, shoving down the food forcefully into our stomach. But by slowing down, you can eat less and avoid more calories. Do not think about how much food you are consuming, just focus on how you are going to eat.

You can do some easy things like, start chewing thoroughly. It will give you the feeling of being full without much food going down into your stomach. (5) Another thing you can do is take short breaks of 2 to 5 seconds while eating.

 3- Do not wake up sleep deprived

Sleep is extremely important for our body to function properly. Sleep deprivation may lead to stress and release of some hormones like ghrelin that will make you eat more and feel like you are hungry all the time. (6)

 4- Eat before you panic

Don’t wait for the hunger to come because then, you are bound to eat more and anything available at the time, especially processed food.

 5- Cut out the midnight snacking

Eating before sleep or late night is not good for health. It slows down the digestion process which results in excessive fats.

 6- Exercise more

Addition of exercise in your daily routine can be a tremendous help in losing weight without dieting . (7)

If you exercise daily with an empty stomach and keep your eating routine healthy then you have nothing to worry about. It will be beneficial in burning out the unnecessary fats and will also get your body in shape. 

 7- Take healthy fats

We think that just low-calorie foods are healthy but the good news is, you can eat healthy fats such as avocados, coconut, almonds, olives, and many more different nuts. They can also be helpful when you are craving for something extra in between your meals.

Recent studies have found that you should keep eating fats for successful weight loss. Fats are one of the important nutrients in our diet and their total elimination can not be a recipe for long term weight loss. A low fat diet does not have preference over a low carb diet. (8)

 But again, you have to see how much you are eating, a little will not harm but overeating of these healthy fats will surely let you gain all the weight back again.

 8- Give yourself treats

Instead of stressing out on how you’ll lose more weight, stay calm and relaxed because if you are maintaining a healthy routine you deserve some treats as well. 

Give yourself some free room to enjoy small things like a candy in a day or a pastry in a week. So you don’t start craving the things you love. Eating less is better than nothing or stuffing yourself full in one time.

 9- Change the size of your plate

In general, people use large size plates for food where you should change them and make smaller ones. It can make a big difference through this trick you will take less food, while staying conscious about how much you are eating. (9)

 10- Stay hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated we often think that we are hungry, but what we actually need is water. 

If you think you can’t drink water frequently then add some fresh lemons which will be a great combination for losing weight. 

 11- Eat whole fruits

They are a great addition to deal with your hunger, giving you lots of vitamins and nutrients. However, try to eat fruits in whole and avoid juices. Shelf juices are sweetened with sugar and definitely out of any method of weight loss without dieting. Even fresh juices should be avoided. Eat whole fruits only with all the fiber to slow down insulin spikes.

 12- Avoid sweetened drinks

They are not a replacement of water or fresh juices coming from fruits so, try to avoid them as much as possible. Because they don’t give you any nutrients or vitamins. Instead sweeteners or sodas just aid in weight gain by a considerable degree.

In fact avoiding sweetened beverages can be your number one way of weight loss without dieting.

The bottom line

Be aware that these methods of losing weight without dieting will not change you overnight. It will take time for you to lose weight and make your lifestyle healthy. Be patient and do not panic. Positivity is also the key, think positive and you will get the courage and patience to get there. 


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