Dieting is a word that comes to someone?s mind when he or she resolves to start their weight loss journey. Diet plays a vital role in your body weight so people find it easy to just follow a strict diet and hit their goal but to be very honest most of the people are really drastic while taking concept of dieting.

People go on crash diets without realizing their side effects, without knowing their body type and it ends up with terrific long-lasting effects. Dieting is eating or drinking in a regulated fashion to achieve a short term objective and this short term objective is mostly to lose excess of body fat.


How to start dieting is important to know because at the end of the day you cannot ruin your endless effort just because you did not learn how to do it in an optimum way. Dieting is a great way to lose weight but in a healthy way because what we eat and drink is a major contributing factor in our weight.

To have a balanced and managed diet is important for everyone. You can?t let everything going into your stomach without keeping a check and balance. After all its not just about your weight but health too.

Things to know before starting a diet

How to start dieting begin with knowing important facts and knowledge before going for a particular diet. You should have a clear idea of what is about to come and what are the pitfalls you need to avoid. More importantly, you should be aware of these things even before you have started your diet.

  • Say NO to trends

You do need to jump in to a particular diet blindly because everyone is following it or it is trending because may be what works for others may not work for you. Like keto diet is very trending these days which is a no carb diet but not all of you can survive without carbs in your life because every body type has its own needs. It also depends on your medical conditions and eating habits as well.

  • Do not go with extreme dieting

When it comes to concept of dieting I do not know why people start giving torture to them. For God?s sake dieting is not about starving yourself. It is a wrong concept that really affects your mental and even severe dieting can cause eating disorder at the end. Research from National Eating Disorders Association suggests that the most important predictor of eating disorder is dieting.

  • Choose a sustainable diet

Diet you are going with should be sustainable through your life so that you can stick to it easily because if you achieve your required goal and revert to your old eating habits you are going to put on weight more speedily. If a diet plan is too rigid to fit into your lifestyle permanently, it can ruin your whole journey when you will stop following it.

  • Have enough calories

A moderately active man needs 2500 k Cal per day and a woman needs 2000 kcal per day. But when people start dieting they cut their calories to drastic levels. You actually do not need to do that. What you need to do is swapping empty calories with nutritionally healthy calories. Cut unnecessary sweetened beverages and add greens and whole grains that will keep you full for longer periods being healthy also.

  • Consider a dietician

Before going on any kind of diet consult your general physician or dietitian who knows about your body, early diet and medical history. I will not recommend you to make big changes to your diet without consulting a dietitian.

  • Research yourself

Sometimes we just fall for a diet because a celebrity is following it or someone transformed his or herself amazingly with a particular diet. You just go for it without knowing about it whether it is scientifically suggested or it is evidence based or developed by credible organizations. Go for proper research on your behalf and then start following a diet.

  • Have a balanced diet

Dieting is considered very tough because you make it look tough. How? Answer is I am on diet, so I cannot have carbs, I cannot have fats I can just have salads and vegetable juices. This is not the meaning of dieting your diet should be balanced with all nutrients required you can have carbs and fats that are healthy while keeping a check on your portion intake.

How to get your diet off a good start?

There are some points that are very important to keep in mind while getting off to a good start to your diet. For starters how to start dieting needs knowledge toward making their journey realistic and good to go with. Once you have started well on your diet, it is likely that you will have good momentum and you would mostly likely stick to it. Here are few things that would help you get off to a good start with dieting.

  • Do not skip meals

Very important to learn is that you do not need to skip your meals to be on a diet. It is very unhealthy. It really causes stress and cortisol production in your body. Making yourself hungry or starving makes your body metabolism slow down that ultimately results in weight gain. When you skip a meal or going long time without eating your body goes in to survival mode says ROBINSON , a clinical dietitian.

  • Do not torture yourself

Doing all these crash diets just having liquids or just having salads or fasting for 12 hours and starving are just a torture to your body. You are just making yourself emotionally stressed and unhappy because when your body will not have what it really wants to have and your taste buds are not enjoying real food pleasures then you are really messing with your body.So while starting dieting give yourself space for being happy also while doing it otherwise your start will be bad and may be end also.

  • Set realistic goals

You have to set realistic and practical goals that are approachable. Weight loss depends on many factors like weight to begin with, your lifestyle age and gender. You have to be realistic about the results. It is not a miracle that you will follow a particular diet for a month and your waist will transform from 38 to 28 inches within a month. You have to understand that only realistic weight loss goals can help you to have transformation in your body.

  • Eat healthy

Swap your unhealthy food with healthy food. Add more proteins, greens, fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your diet. You do not need to starve while dieting. Just eat healthy and add exercise in your lifestyle.


Water is really important for proper functioning of body. While dieting, drinking enough water makes you eat less. It has no calories. It helps to flush toxins out and keeps your body hydrated.


Controlling portion size can prevent you from indulging in overeating and weight gain. When you are following a particular diet, pay proper attention in controlling your food portions. Research has shown that people consistently eat more food when offered larger portions. So portion control is important while dieting.

  • Things you should never do when starting a new diet

Learning how to start dieting involves the proper knowledge of things you must never do while following a particular diet. If you start your diet with these, you would surely set yourself up for failure from the start. It will only be a matter of time before your crash diet will come down crashing on you.

  • Never go with diet food as replacements

There are a lot of products with zero calorie labels. Diet beverages, diet ice creams, diet sugars etc. You have to say no to them because they are unhealthy as normal junk. Artificial sweeteners have been shown to have negative effect on weight loss in the long run. Sweetened stuff is almost universally unhealthy if you make it part of your regular diet. Just carrying the label of diet or sugar free does not make these healthy.

  • Say NO to supplements

Do not waste your money on dietary supplements because they show no benefit. According to an article published in the American Family Physician Journal, none of the weight loss supplements available in the market meet the criteria for recommendation. Instead of supplements you should have your nutrients from whole foods.

  • Never cut fats from your diet

If you do not have fats in your diet you will face constant hunger and you will eat more food. Go with low fat foods but make them part of your diet. You can have healthy fats from nuts, avocado, seeds, low fat yogurt, coconut oil, olive oil but you have to take them to mitigate your cravings.

  • Have dinner before sunset

This point will do wonder with your dieting in losing weight. Eating close to bed time interferes with your sleep and research published in journal PNAS shows that when we are sleep deprived, our body craves more energy dense foods which results in consuming more calories and more weight gain.

  • Do not cut your favorite food completely

If you cut your favorite food like cake, pizza, burger, ice cream completely from your diet, you will eat a lot of it when the craving hits and ultimately you will put on more weight. So make your favorite food part of your diet but in proper proportion and once or twice a week you can have it to satisfy yourself.

  • Say Goodbye to disappointment

Dieting will give you results but if you will keep your motivation during dieting high with being patient. You expect to see amazing transformation in your body just after a month you started following a diet. It is a time taking journey you have to keep your spirit high and do not be disappointed.

  • Never stand on weighing scale

When people start dieting, they keep weighing scale by their side all the time. Your body weight fluctuates with intake of water, sodium and other foods. Do not go with measuring weight day and night because it will ruin your goals while making you emotionally stressed all the time.

Ways to stick to a Healthy Diet

One of the biggest challenges when trying to lose weight is to actually follow through your diet. While losing weight is on the new year resolutions of millions of people, most give up in a week or never start following through on that new year resolution to lose weight.

Healthy eating is a key to your weight loss journey but it is difficult for people to understand. People usually take dieting as starving, fasting and saying no to almost every food. Choice of healthy food is main step of how to start dieting. You can stick easily to healthy diet by following these simple ways:

  • Find interesting choices

If you want `to stick to healthy diet then get some interesting choices in your food. Boring healthy food can make you feel not to stick to it in a long run. Here are few tweaks that can make your healthy diet more interseting, while still keeping it healthy.

  • Make healthy smoothies with coconut milk and berries and nuts.
  • Add geek yogurt to your salads
  • Make whole wheat toasts with butter
  • Cook omelet with a lot of greens and beans
  • Eat salmon and fried chicken in your dinner
  • Have healthy fruit juices (fresh and in moderation)
  • Have oats with nuts, skimmed milk and berries.

This will help you to eat healthy and enjoy your meals as well not getting bored and finding a way to run from your healthy diet resolution.

  • Bake or roast instead of frying or grilling

Go with healthy methods of cooking. Roasting, baking, Poaching, simmering are healthy ways of cooking food and also gives delicious taste to your food. It also retains nutritional value of food more effectively than grilling or deep frying.

  • Enjoy healthy snacking

Snacking is the major part of our diet and here we make mistake when we go with unhealthy stuff to snack on. There are interesting healthy snacking choices that will help you to stick to healthy diet.

  • Baked sweet potatoes with pepper
  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt and berries
  • Dark chocolate and almonds
  • Broccoli chips
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Fruit bowl

When you will have such interesting choices for your meals, you will lvoe to continue eating healthy. Why you will not stick to your healthy diet when you can eat such delicious foods even on a diet. Just place your unhealthy food choices with healthy one and let your taste buds reslish the taste.

Ways to get your diet back on track

That is a very important to know how to get back to your diet after having holiday or just skipping it because of any reason. Sometimes you get so busy that it becomes difficult for you to pay attention to your diet and you just eat randomly whatever you find. Here are a few tips to get back on your diet even when you have stumbled for some reason.

  • Take it easy

Most important thing is to not panic and be easy. Your stress will make you more upset and you will not be able to focus on what you should do. So take it easy and go on gently with it again.

However, this does not mean that you lose the urgency. Do not put off getting back on your diet to tomorrow. That complacency will breed procrastination and it might take forever to get back on your diet. Start today. Get back on your diet.

  • Take small steps

You have to take smaller steps toward your goal now. Just do not force yourself to follow your strict meals from starting day. Start with breakfast then with lunch and gradually change your dinner too. Your body will not accept sudden and rigid response.

  • Drink enough water

Go with drinking plenty of water because it will help you eat less food and will also help you to relieve your dehydrated body after eating unhealthy food. If you are offered a drink, always ask back for plain water. This will eliminate a lot of sugar from your diet and your body would thank you for this change without any protest.

  • Have more proteins and fibers

Add proteins and fibers to your meals that will help you controlling your appetite and will keep you fulfill for longer time.

  • Eat salads and fruits

Whenever you have craving, eat a slice of fruit or bowl of salads to satisfy your hunger.

  • Do exercise

Only changes in diet will not help you to shed body fat you have gained after eating unhealthy stuff. You have to also do half an hour to one hour exercise to get back in to your shape and being healthy.

Have a healthy weekend

Almost all of us are rushing through our week, trying to juggle between work and healthy eating. It becomes difficult to religiously follow a diet during the week, though we highly recommend your take your lunch to work while on diet.

However, make the best of the weekend and try to eat in and eat healthy on the weekend. that will make sure that you eat at least healthy food, 8 days a month. And it will most likely retrigger your desire to start your diet back again.

You might have seen that dieting is a rigorous journey. There are pitfalls, even to start with. Without correct knowledge, you might start on the wrong foot. And then there is the challenge of how to avoid things that should not accompany you on your diet, most importantly the foods you must avoid while on diet.

And it helps if you know how to stick to your diet and get back on your diet, if you stumble along your path. Losing your way is human but trying not to get back on path will make a couch potato and next time it will be even harder to get back your muscles and six packs.


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