9 Super Effective Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

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Quick weight loss is one of the most searched queries on internet. But as with other things in life, quick is not always the best and sometimes quick is only so much possible.

Therefore, how to lose 10 pounds in a week has got complicated answer. There are certain diets like military diet that promise that you can lose pounds fast in one week. First we look at how much weight you should try to lose in a week.

Ideal weight loss in one week

Let’s get our mathematics straight. One pound of fat roughly equals 3500 calories. And when you walk briskly for 30 minutes five days a week, you would have walked 10 miles. And for losing one pound of fat, you need to walk 35 miles.

So better watch out when you are loading your body with calories from a chocolate bar or an ice cream. They go in easy but to get them out of your system, it is a real hard work.

So you would have guessed it correctly by now that it is physically impossible to shed 10 lbs weight in a week simply by exercise, regardless of how many hours you spend at gym or on the jogging track. It is only possible if you combine exercise with a strict diet. However, follow a healthy diet. Because an unhealthy low calorie diet exposes you to risks like gallstones, dehydrated body, spinning head, fatigue, and irritability.

You should also be clear that losing 10 pounds of weight will not equal burning 10 pounds of fat in a week. Most of the water you will lose fast will be water weight.

And add to this the recommendation that you the ideal weight loss per week should not be more than 2 lbs. (1) But all hope is not lost.

It is still possible to lose a lot of weight in one week but let’s admit it will not be long term, though it should serve your purpose if you are trying to fit into some clothes for a wedding or a function and don’t mind going through some tough diet for a week. But be sure that most of this weight shall creep back on after you are off the diet.


How to lose 10 lbs in a week

So here are our most effective ways to lose 10 pounds in one week.

1. Eat less carbohydrates

Just by switching to a low carb diet, it is possible to lose several pounds of weight in a week. And when you will reduce carbs in your body, it will reduce water retention in the body because carbs influence retention of about three times water in the body. (2) (3)

Therefore, eat as little as possible of refined carbs like bakery items, white bread, pasta, foods made from refined flour. Switch to whole wheat alternatives.

2. Ban sweetened beverages

You might think you are getting your vitamins by stocking up on juices from the grocery aisles but these are with added sugars and only make your goal of reducing ten pounds in a week impossible.

To put things in perspective two sodas a day add whopping 250 calories to your diet. (4) If you can stop drinking these you will be drastically cut your calorie intake. Even fresh juices should not be allowed during this one week because also cause insulin spikes which are linked with weight gain.

3. No processed food

Sugars are not just in beverages, they are everywhere in processed foods. So if you are serious about this quick weight loss in a week, you should stick only to home made food and completely stay away from all processed foods like burgers, fried chicken, chips, pastas, biscuits.

Processed foods also mostly have higher content of sodium which promotes water retention in the body.

4. Add more protein to your diet

High protein diet has been shown to decrease weight. So for someone trying to shed 10 pounds in a week, protein should be included in every meal. You will eat less because protein has a longer time for completion of digestion process. It also improves metabolism which will help your body burn more calories

Therefore, load your meals with high protein foods like chicken, fish, eggs, lean meat, legumes and non-starchy vegetables.

5. Take help from exercise

We all know we are living sedentary lifestyle. But exercise is not only important for weight loss because: one you burn calories during workouts and two it increases metabolism and three it is really important for your health because it decreases risks of heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol levels.

But the real benefit of exercise for weight loss starts to emerge only if you increase duration. For example, you will lose weight only if you go for brisk walk for about 300 minutes at least during the week. Shorter duration are beneficial but you will not see any significant benefits.

6. Try intermittent fasting

Research has shown that intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight fast. (5) Therefore, it is an ideal method to lose 10 pounds in a week.

Fasting forces you to eat within a specified time period which essentially decreases your calorie intake. However, ensure that your fasting and workout times do not intersect with each other.

7. Lift weights

Resistance training like lifting weights has been shown to burn calories just like aerobic exercises. An additional benefit is that weight training will tone your muscles and increase basal metabolism rate which will help you lose belly fat in a week.

For two days in a week, you can lift weights. Another possibility is to do high intensity interval training. This will supercharge your metabolism rate even after you have stopped working out.

8. Decrease water retention in the body

You can help with your target of losing 10 pounds in a week by eating less salty foods. As we know, salt is a water retaining agent for the body. (6)

You can also burn fat and decrease water weight in the body by drinking more coffee. If you are glucose or lactose intolerant, you can decrease water retention by staying away from these foods in strict terms.

9. Beat food cravings

When you are on a strict low carb diet, you will be tempted to food cravings. But one easy trick can help you fight that. Keep healthy snacks handy. Munching healthy snacks between the meals fights off cravings without you even noticing. I would recommend low fat yogurt and nuts as possible healthy snacks.

Take home message

While some people may lose 10 pounds in a week, it is not something which is for everyone. Ideally, it should take you at least one month to lose 10 pounds.

If you follow the above tips, you will lose significant weight in one week but mind that all of it will not necessarily be fat loss.

But many people still would like to see significant weight loss in one week. In any case, 10 pounds weight loss in one week is potentially harmful to your health, therefore, you should try it only under supervision of a nutritionist or a doctor.

Successful weight loss happens slowly and you not only lose weight you will be able to keep it off too. People following crash diets always end up with more weight than they lost before. Therefore, a sustainable weight loss should be your way to go.


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