While trying to lose weight, we all come across certain trouble areas. Back fat is one of those stubborn areas. You try day in an out using different magic methods you see on TV but still those stubborn back fat rolls are there and you keep wondering how to get rid of back fat?


Back fat areas

There are mainly three body areas where back fat is accumulated.

  • Upper back fat. This is mainly below your neck and above the bra strap. This fat is mostly visible as fat layers on sides when you wear tank tops.
  • Middle back fat. This is the most common type and is visible as fat folds above and below the bra strap.
  • Lower back fat. This is also called love handles and is mostly around and below waist.

You can stand with back to a mirror and see which back fat areas are most troublesome for you and start targeting those with these tips.

Causes of back fat

It is definitely an indication of excess body fat and less muscle in the body. When we have been living unhealthy lifestyle for years, fat keeps depositing and a time comes when you start to see these deposits in back area.

Mainly the back fat is caused by high carb, high fat and unhealthy foods and little exercise which is the result of modern sedentary lifestyle.

How to get rid of back fat

The first thing we need to understand is that spot reduction of body fat doesn’t work, normally (there are two other procedures which we will also discuss). (1)

This means that the only effective way to lose back fat is to reduce overall body fat which will also reduce fat in this area. Here are the four best ways to lose back fat:

1. Change your diet

You need to follow the simple formula. Your energy expenditure should be more than your energy intake.

Cut back carbs and high fat foods from your diet. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. Especially protein is important because it will help with muscles growth.

2. Build muscles

Apart from eating protein, reducing back fat requires that you hit the gym and try to build muscles of your back area. Some of the possible training might include shoulder training, lat pull downs and side bends.

This alongside a healthy diet will gradually replace fat with muscles in that area. Lifting weights will tone muscles in these areas and improve your appearance at back.

And for burning calories, you can consider high intensity training or even jogging or brisk walking.

3. Liposuction

If the normal diet and exercise can not produce results (which they will if you are patient), you can also consider surgical spot reduction of back fat.

Liposuction is a safe medical procedure and produces definite results. (2)

4. Coolsculpting back fat

This is a relatively new method and is non surgical. Mainly the practitioner will kill fat cells with cold sculpts for about 30 minutes and you can go home. Results show in about one month time. This is also a safe, FDA approved and effective method of spot fat reduction. (3)


Ideally you should try your best to lose back fat with normal changes to diet and exercise regime. Be patient.

However, if you want quicker results then you may consider medical procedures but keep in mind that the cost may run into a few thousands.

In that case you can contact a certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get rid of remaining pockets of fat on your back.


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