One of the most popular google searches is how to lose fat in your face. And rightly so because a heavy looking face not only makes you look older, it also makes you less attractive in cosmetic terms.

But before we search for how to lose weight in your face, we need to first understand how human body loses fat in general. For starters, science has shown that it is not possible to lose fat in just one particular area in your body. And this holds true for your face too. (1) (2)

But usually when you follow the two golden rules of weight loss i.e healthy diet and exercise, it is very likely that you will lose weight in your face first.


By making these two key changes in your life, you can get a slimmer looking face. Here are our top 5 tips to help you reduce excess facial fat.

1. Eat healthy diet

If you are eating a lot of unhealthy stuff like a lot of carbs, especially liquid carbs and high fat food, then you need to start eating healthy which means eating a balanced diet with reduced carbs. You need to eat more protein and healthy fats. This is the most important way to lose weight in face.

Carbs are high glycemic foods and are known to cause insulin spikes which has been linked with obesity. (3) (3a) Moreover, you eat more calories because of lack of fiber in these carbs.

We will recommend you avoid high calorie carbs like white bread, rice and pasta etc and eat more protein from chicken and fish. Good healthy fat sources are avocado, olive oil and fat fish like salmon.

2. Get enough exercise

Exercise is known to decrease body weight which will also definitely decrease fat in your face. Minimum recommended physical activity per week is 150 minutes but the real benefit of weight loss will start if you exercise more than 300 minutes every week.

Some of the exercises you may consider are cycling, swimming, running, jogging and brisk walk. For best benefits don’t forget to add two days of resistance training. This will build muscles which are known to increase higher metabolism and you will keep burning even while you are resting.

3. Sleep enough

Sleep deprivation has been directly linked with obesity. (4)When you sleep less, your eat more because lack of sleep increases production of ghrelin which increases appetite.

Moreover, if you will be lacking sleep, you will show puffiness in your face. Try to get a minimum of 6 hours of peaceful sleep every night. This might not seem important but it is vital if you are looking to lose facial fat.

4. Drink enough water

Water is not only important for normal body functions but it is also known to help with weight loss. By remaining hydrated, you will not only suppress your appetite but it will also improve your metabolism. (5)

Therefore, it is important that you drink enough water during the day if you are serious about shedding fat in your face. Your skin on face will also glow if you keep yourself hydrated enough.

5. Decrease sodium intake

Sodium is known to cause water retention in the body. (6) If your food is a lot salty, your body will be retaining water more than required and this will also tell on your face.

You can decrease a puffy face appearance and aid facial fat loss by making one key change to your diet. Since most of our salt comes from processed food we eat daily, you can drastically cut your sodium intake by staying away from processed food.

6. Cut back on alcohol

Alcohol is high in calories which causes weight gain. (7)Apart from that it also gives your face a puffy appearance. Therefore, if you are serious about losing fat in face, you need to cut back on alcohol.

Ideally you should stay away from it but if you can’t then stay within the dietary guidelines which prescribe two drinks a day for a male and one drink for female.

Can facial exercises reduce face fat?

Since it is not possible to reduce fat in a particular area of your body, we would assume that facial exercises can not help you reduce facial fat.

However, it is known that exercise helps tone muscles which might give appearance of a slimmer face. You can try the following exercises for facial fat reduction:

  • Puff your cheeks and move air inside from one cheek to the other
  • Trying saying x and o letters a number of times
  • Suck in your cheeks and repeat this exercise for 30 times
  • Facial massage will tone face muscles and improve blood circulation which might increase metabolism

Medical options for losing fat in face

It is highly recommended that you lose fat the natural way but if you want a quicker solution then the following three medical solutions may be considered:

  • Liposuction. This is a procedure that is FDA approved. As the name suggest, fat from your face will be suctioned off after giving incision. There are risks of scarring and infection as is the case with all invasive medical procedures.
  • Face lift. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Excess skin and fat is surgically removed.
  • Strawberry lift treatment. This is a relatively new laser procedure and may help you get rid of double chin. However, the results are not permanent and you might need it again after a year.

Do topical creams work for face fat?

The answer is NO. These creams never reach below the skin and therefore do not affect at all. It will not be wise to spend any money on these topical creams that claim to reduce fat in your face.


There are both medical and non-medical options to slim down your face. However, the natural way to lose fat in your face is to follow the two golden principles: eat healthy diet and get enough exercise. These are the secrets answers to question of how can you lose weight from your face?


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