Exerise has benefits other than weight loss as well. But still there are enough people who would like to lose weight without exercise.

It is well established that losing weight is all about creating a negative energy balance, which can be achieved either by reducing calorie intake (changing diet) or through increased energy expenditure (exercise). (1) (2)

smaller portions

Studies have shown that exercise is one of the cornerstones of a successful weight loss program. (3) Not only that regular exercise helps you lose weight, it also has been described as essential for maintaining weight loss. (4)

When we think of losing weight, we definitely do not like the exertion that is waiting for us in the gym. It is because of this that many people see their weight loss plans go down the drain. They simply can not maintain their gym routine.

If you are one of those people, here are our top 10 simple ways to lose weight belly fat without exercise:

How to lose weight without exercise

Since we have ruled out exercise, we are left with behavioral modification and reducing energy intake as our only of losing weight.

1. Use portion control

Smaller portion sizes are linked with less eating. Our portion sizes have increased over the years which means that we are eating more than before. (5)If you can get smaller plates, your will get smaller serving size which means that you will be eating less calories.

2. Eat more protein

Protein helps you eat less and build muscles. When you eat protein you you remain full because stomach takes more time than carbs to digest protein. And with more muscles, your body metabolism will improve. Therefore, more protein in diet is an easy way to lose weight without exercise.

3. Consume fiber rich foods

Eating more fiber not only helps lower cholesterol but it also is an effective method of weight loss without exercise. When you eat soluble fiber, you feel less hungry for longer period of time, which means you will eat less. This will contribute to less energy intake and more weight loss. (6)

4. Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation has been linked with weight gain.(7) Therefore, try to get at least six hours of peaceful night sleep. This will help you feel more energetic which means you will eat less. It will also help with mindless eating at late hours of night.

5. Improve surroundings

It might sound interesting but it has been shown that if you eat in dim lights and with slow music, you eat slower. And when you will eat slow, you will not overeat because your brain will get time to tell your stomach that your are full which is not possible if you eat fast.

In fact studies have shown that people ate 170 calories less in low lights and soothing music.

6. Reduce stress

We all have experienced that we indulge in mindless eating when we are going through stress. Our mind is too occupied with stress to register these calories. We end up overeating in stressful situations. Science has also shown the link between stress and obesity. (8)

Try to minimize stress in your life by addressing the root cause of stress.

7. Cook at home

More frequent eating out has been associated with up to 21 percent more weight gain. (9)

Home cooked meals are more nutritious, less salty, less spicy with less fats and more fresh. All these factors will help you lose weight without exercise if you choose to eat more of your food that is cooked at home.

8. Write a food journal

Keep track of what you eat and writing the food journal is one way of doing it. You will be amazed to see how much junk and unhealthy food you eat during a week.

Now focus on eliminating these sources of obesity from your diet. This will be one of the most effective ways to shed weight fast without exercise.

9. Include probiotic in food

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are found in gut. They help digest food but recent study has shown that they may also be helpful with reducing weight. (10)

Some of the easily available sources of probiotics are fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi and kefir etc.

10. Drink enough water

Water is essential for life and it can also be used as one of the most useful ways to lose weight without exercise. (11) (12)

Water will help you feel fuller and when you replace sodas and other sweetened beverages with plain water, you will drastically cut back on these liquid calories.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to lose weight without exercise or diet. Start with these lifestyle changes and take first steps towards a healthier and slimmer you.

However, it is highly recommended that you engage in the minimum recommended physical activity which is 150 minutes of moderate intensity per week.



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