One of the challenges that every working person faces while dieting is reducing the number of meals from caf?s and restaurants. And this is necessary for a weight loss plan as well because restaurant meals are hardly prepared keeping in mind the goals of weight loss. These are rich in processed ingredients which are also unhealthy.

Especially, it is very common for people to eat their lunch at a restaurant or caf?. Sometimes the caf?s are part of the office building and at other times employees head out to nearby places for eating their lunch. What if we gave you some healthy lunch ideas for work that would help you remain compliant with your weight loss diet.


One of the easiest things you could do is to take your lunch to your work or to your school if you are a student. This will require some planning on your behalf, but once you take your lunch to work, you would be in full command of what goes inside your body. That is why these quick lunch ideas for work would be very useful for you:

Lunch ideas for work

  • First thing you may do is to buy an insulated, reusable lunch box for packing your lunch. There is abundance of options available at your nearest superstore or you may order a good quality insulated container for your lunch online.
  • Buy a few containers with different sizes and shapes so that you could fit different types of foods
  • If you are soup lover, invest in a good quality thermos to keep your soups warm till lunchtime at work.
  • Get reusable ice packs to keep your food fresh and safe if you do not have access to a refrigerator at your workplace.
  • Stock working lunch essentials like bread, fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese and low calorie snacks on your weekly visits to your favorite supermarket.

One of the easiest lunch ideas for work is to take leftovers from previous dinner to work. Of course, you would need to have a microwave available at work to reheat the food.

Or when you prepare your dinner, make a little extra to serve as lunch at work the next day. Pack it right after your dinner and you already have your healthy lunch for work ready.

In case it is not easy for you reheat the food at work, take along a simple sandwich and veggies to help you get through the lunch craving. There is always morning rush for most people, therefore, it is an excellent lunch idea for work to pack your lunch the night before.

Sometimes, lunch at work might not be the organization’s culture and you might find yourself a loner in that. A good strategy might be to discuss with your coworkers and gauge their thoughts on starting a trend at office of eating in. And in the worst case, if it is not possible to eat at work, take your packed lunch to nearby part or a picnic spot.

Taking your lunch to work will not only help you cut back calories but it will also save you money. And savings are something everyone likes. You may find that by making this simple switch to healthy lunch at work, you would lose a great deal of weight.

Healthy lunch ideas

Here are few healthy lunch ideas that you can prepare quickly. And if you are at school, these can well be your school lunch ideas.

  • Pasta Salads. Pasta serves as a staple food in many countries. Quickly prepare your work lunch by delicious pastas like chicken pasta, salmon pasta or aubergine pasta.
  • Rice salads. If you are a rice lover, then one of our easy lunch ideas is brown rice salad. Rice should be cooled and refrigerated quickly to stop these from going bad.
  • Homemade wraps. By using chicken and fish as the filling options, you can prepare healthy lunch for work. Use tortillas and flat breads as substitute for bread. Add lettuce for crispy and fresh flavor.
  • Sandwich lunch ideas. This is one of the most common lunch ideas for work. Prepare club sandwiches at home or pack up the ingredients and bread separately and assemble at your work for a fresh sandwich at work.
  • Soups. This is where your insulated and leak proof thermos would come handy. In case you have a microwave at work, prepare your soup batch and then freeze it in small Tupperware and take along one serving daily.
  • Exotic salads. This is one of the most popular and healthy lunch ideas for work. There is no limit to the combinations of ingredients you can use salads for work. Try to add different ingredients like meat, fish, eggs, spices, dressings, fruits, rice, grain pulses and vegetables. Experiment every day and find your perfect exotic salad recipes for work.

So rather than buying fried chicken at lunch, pack your lunchbox for work with these healthy lunch ideas and you would be not only looking forward to a nutritious lunch while at work, you would also be in complete control of your calories and money.


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