If you?re struggling to find the initial motivation to lose weight or trying to regain the motivation you had, know that you are not alone in this. Many people lose motivation or can?t seem to find any as it is one of the hardest parts of losing weight.  Almost all of us start to learn how to lose weight but ignore motivation’s role in this journey.

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Why people lose motivation to lose weight?

Here?s something we would like to clarify for you; when someone is seeking to cut down their weight, they do not just admit defeat for no reason. They surrender to the fight because the weight loss journey becomes daunting. The biggest mistake anyone can make is not conducting proper research about weight loss in the first place.

Secondly and the most crucial one is, setting unrealistic goals. People expect instant results. When they don?t see a physical difference, they automatically lose their motivation for losing weight. If they?ve been cutting back on all their favorite foods and going to the gym every day, they?ll expect to immediately lose maximum weight in the first week or two.

That is never the case! Weight loss is a challenging task that takes months of consistency and motivation. While saying to yourself: “I am desperate to lose weight” works for a few days, but keeping the motivation to lose weight intact would require persistence and grit.

To answer why it?s so hard to lose weight is because people tend to cut out everything abruptly. They try to gym or run too much as well. This is never a good idea. Take smokers for an example. If a person who excessively smokes completely stops smoking, it would drive them insane! They would probably smoke double the amount they smoked if they make it through a day without smoking. The same is the case with weight loss. You should take baby steps towards your goal.

Why motivation is the key to weight loss?

Motivation is extremely important. Every individual has a purpose to work towards and to work towards that goal you need motivation.

As we mentioned earlier, weight loss is challenging. So to lose weight you need to consistently work on it and to be consistent you need motivation. If you just look at losing weight, it?s not that hard to lose it. Eat healthily and proportionately, work out and that?s it. Right?

But we are humans. We feel and think. Our emotions are involved when we?re on this journey. So doing the bit of eating healthy and working out just doesn?t work like that. You need to be motivated. To feel motivated, you need the feeling of empowerment to come from within. What is empowerment you ask?

Feeling empowered is when you?re self-motivated. In case you want to know if you feel empowered, ask yourself three questions ? 1. Do you believe you can do this? 2. Do you think it will work? 3. Do you think it?s worth it? If your answer to these three questions is yes, then you are empowered.

Once you?re feeling empowered, you will feel like you can achieve anything on this planet. This is something that keeps you regular as well. And when you feel like your motivation is slipping out of your hands, you can ask yourself the same three questions.

Healthy diet compliance & motivation

A study confirms that there is a clear and significant correlation between a strong motivation to eat healthily and maintaining a good diet. Individuals who were extremely motivated to eat a healthy diet invested extra time in working out in comparison to individuals with weaker motivation. The results in the study revealed that the desire for healthier diets is linked to healthier lifestyles.

How to stay motivated to lose weight

We all work hard to stay motivated for one thing or the other in our lives. Take losing weight for an example. One night you?re all motivated to wake up early in the morning. You make a playlist of all the songs you want to hear at the gym or run to. You even make a diet plan for yourself to follow, you set the alarm for 6 a.m. and you go to sleep.

But when you wake up to the annoying sound of your alarm, you don?t feel the motivation you felt last night. So, you stop your alarm telling yourself you?ll start some other day and you go back to sleep. Later when you wake up, you feel this regret wash through your brain. You ask yourself why did this happen or why it is so hard to stay motivated while you stress eat your favorite chips.

We’re here with these queries answered and we’ll talk about some concrete solutions that can help you stay motivated on your weight loss journey. 

Motivation is transient. Humans cannot stay motivated forever! We experience different emotions and feelings every single day. So, it is normal to go from feeling motivated to not being motivated at all. Concerning that, weight loss requires patience and effort.

Here are some ways to help you stay right on track:

Ask why?

Ask yourself why are you doing this in the first place? The initial motivation you feel is crucial to keep you driven. Outlining and jotting all reasons why losing weight is important for you. Doing so can aid you to maintain a commitment to your objectives. Stick the list somewhere you can always see from time to time. So, even if your desire to binge eating comes back, you can glimpse at it to nudge you towards maintaining or losing weight.

Be rational

Establishing unrealistic targets will trigger you to feel overwhelmed. You are highly likely to fail at too ambitious goals and you’ll admit defeat pretty soon. However, if you set basic targets initially and succeed in them you’ll watch yourself perform better and with ease.

 It is proven in research , that weight maintenance becomes ineffective if impractical objectives have been set. Unrealistic goals can cause inconsistency of routine, lack of coping skills or problem solving and low self-efficacy could play a significant role in weight maintenance behavior and recurrence of obesity. 

You don?t have to lose all your weight at once. Losing small amounts of weight can benefit you more than exerting yourself.

An easy routine.

Note that an optimal training plan that is hard for you to do is less beneficial than having a kind of workout routine you enjoy and can obey as well. Try different exercises and stick to the ones you feel comfortable with. You don?t need to match your workout routine to a models routine. Go easy on yourself initially and work your way up. Building your tempo gradually will help you be able to achieve more than you thought you could. 

Keep track.

You need to supervise and jot down what you eat. Individuals who do that find it helpful when losing weight. For your diary of weight loss to be accurate you have to mention all that you eat. If you like journaling, in general, you can customize them and add a section of emotions where you can keep track of your emotions every single day. It will assist you in knowing which food sets you off to binge-eating.

Seeking community help

It is necessary to surround yourself with supportive friends and family. You can even join a support group with people who are trying to do the same. It helps to know other people are involved in the same journey as you. It?s inspiring actually.

And when some days you find yourself crying and thinking about giving up because it?s too hard to cope, with the right support you?ll be able to pick yourself up and continue your journey and stay motivated to lose weight. It is important to know that it is okay for you to have ups and downs through your voyage.

Reward yourself.

It is important to reward yourself when you achieve something. Even if you?re only able to take a walk in the park. When you reward yourself, you make yourself feel happy. And when you?re happy, you feel motivated to do more tasks. Rewards can be kept simple and like self-care.

You can go treat yourself at the spa, get a massage or facial done. You can take a warm bubble bath. Or you can go buy yourself a book or whatever you like after every time you?ve achieved small goals. Rewards don?t necessarily have to be big. They can be up to your preference.

Come out of Good and Bad Foods obession

While you should definitely be eating healthy foods, but do not take to the level of obsession where it might affect your emotional health. If you are always stressed about going for the best foods to the level of perfection, you will be under constant stress. Occasional cookie here and there or a piece of chocolate will not ruin your weight loss goals.

Forget about scale

If you are weighing yourself 20 times a day, then it will be working against your goal to stay motivated for optimum weight loss. Our body weight changes during the day, depending on water intake and food and some other factors. And possibly while you might be losing fats but scales would not budge because you might be getting muscles in the process.

Change your goal

Your goals are different from losing weight. It is the end product. You should focus on the smaller picture of goals. Did you get enough sleep? Have you remained hydrated during the day? Did you eat enough veggies and fruits? By focusing on these smaller goals, you could take care of the end result of weight loss without any stress.

Love your body

Do not take this miracle of human body that you have got for granted. It has thousands of carefully designed and maintained systems to help you see, hear, walk and smell. Appreciate this miracle and start loving your body. This will motivate you to improve your body further and help you lose weight and maintain it.


If you want results that give you benefit in the long run then the motivation for weight loss is necessary. As every individual is unique, motivation triggers are unique as well it is essential to figure what drives you in particular.

Note that you don’t need to be hard on yourself. Let your body breathe. Reward yourself even if you’ve managed to lose a single pound. Tell yourself it is okay to seek assistance. Along with the baby steps you take, you’ll learn a lot about your mind and body. You’ll learn control. Most importantly, it is okay to have setbacks every now and then. Don?t let that get to you.


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