Contrary to popular belief, bacteria and other microorganisms are considered to be harmful germs. However, some types of bacteria can prove to be beneficial for the human body. One type of such friendly live bacteria is called Probiotics.

When consumed, probiotics have many health benefits. Scientists have also studied probiotics for weight loss and have found promising results. They can be found in yogurt and other fermented foods, dietary supplements, and beauty products. Since probiotics aid in keeping your stomach fit, they are frequently known as beneficial bacteria as well.

Probiotics for weight loss

How do they work?

Many types of bacteria are known as Probiotics, each one with its benefits. The two most known types are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. The first one is found in yogurt and other fermented products. It helps with diarrhea and it aids people who cannot digest lactose, which is the sugar in the milk. The other type of common probiotic is known as Bifidobacterium, which can be found in most dairy products. It helps to ease down the irritable bowel syndrome.

As we all know, they are known as good germs. From this term, we can understand that probiotics help your body to maintain a healthy community of microorganisms. Moreover, it helps your body?s microorganisms return to a healthy condition after being disturbed. Not just this, it produces substances that have desirable effects and influences your body?s immune response.

Now, you must be wondering how do probiotics do all of this? We’ll look at a small example to explain this simply. When you get sick and take antibiotics, they not only kill your bad bacteria, but they kill your good bacteria as well. So, taking probiotics helps restore the balance of good and bad bacteria to let your insides process in normal balance.

How do probiotics help in losing weight?

It is believed that certain probiotics have helped with weight loss. As mentioned above, some probiotics help with digestive problems. This explains how these aid in losing weight as well. Probiotics aid in minimizing the dietary fat your intestine absorbs, which can then be passed as your stool instead of retained inside your body.

This is done thanks to aiding in the release of the hormone GLP-1. This is a hormone that can help our bodies burn calories and fat, as well as reduce our appetites. Probiotics also increase ANGPTL4, which research has shown can decrease fat storage.

They mainly help in extending your stomachs time to feel satisfied for longer, fastening your metabolism, and accumulating less fat. This results in weight management and helps people in losing weight.?

If you recall the two groups we mentioned earlier in this article, Lactobacillus can be found naturally in the stomach, gut, and vagina whereas Bifidobacterium helps in digesting the fiber and other carbs that are hard for our body to digest on its own.

The two help with weight loss and obesity prevention. Lactobacillus gasseri shows the most promising effects on weight loss. Moreover, these probiotics can be found in some foods as well as are available as supplements too. Not to forget, these do come with side effects but can be worth a shot.

However, what if we just want to prevent weight gain rather than losing weight?? Researchers have found that some probiotics are just excellent at the prevention of weight gain. They believe that people who have been using probiotics gained significantly less fat than people who were not taking any.

This can be another way of losing belly fat.

Other health benefits of probiotics

Probiotics have shown promise for a variety of health purposes which including treating some common conditions like chronic irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), infectious diarrhea (caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites), and diarrhea caused by antibiotics. Moreover, probiotics influence your nerves that manage your digestive movements and assist in dispatching food via your stomach.

On the other hand, probiotics not only help with the digestive system problems, but they also help to cure several other conditions too. Some people claim that probiotics have aided in treating skin conditions (eczema), oral health, urinary and vaginal health, and preventing cold and allergies.

Most individuals opt to consume probiotics daily, whereas others may only take them occasionally as per their needs. Probiotics somewhat act like vitamins do in your body. It takes 2-16 weeks for them to develop your body and maintain a strong foundation in your digestive system.

Now for why should we take them? It’s because it provides us with many health benefits of several health problems that can be avoided in the future. Probiotics are generally well tolerated and considered safe for the majority.

In addition to their impact on weight loss and digestion, probiotics may also improve heart health, immune function, and symptoms of depression and anxiety. There are many more benefits that probiotics provide us with.

However, some major concerns like mental health, heart problems, and immune systems are a great deal to us. To keep your body active and free of any fatal diseases, probiotics can be taken.

Now we must know what kind of foods or supplements contain probiotics and can help with weight loss mainly or any other type of bodily condition you are facing.

Probiotic Foods

Although taking supplements is easy and, they are readily available in the market, you can still get fermented foods for your probiotic health diet. It can make your diet quite healthy and help you with weight loss. There is no such thing as foods being more effective than probiotics, rather both have the same power of effect. There are several types of foods that contain probiotics that help with weight loss. These include:


A very safe option for lactose intolerant individuals. Our beneficial bacteria convert the lactose protein in the buttermilk to lactic acid, making it safer for lactose intolerant individuals. Something to be kept in mind about buttermilk is that it has two types: cultured and traditional. What makes these two different from each other is that cultured buttermilk packs fewer probiotics than traditional buttermilk. Buttermilk is low in calories and is packed with extremely vital vitamins and minerals, which include calcium, vitamin B12, and potassium.


It is regarded as one of the strongest probiotics foods as it is rich in calcium, protein, and tons of other vitamins. Yogurt strengthens bone health and helps in boosting digestion to work better. Yogurt is known to have very high nutritional value; a single cup of yogurt has 49% of the calcium we require daily. Yogurt also contains potassium, which aids in regulating blood pressure and the protein that yogurt contains is highly effective for weight loss.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil:

Fish oil is known for being highly beneficial to our health, but fermented cod liver oil takes it to the next degree. Fermented Cod Liver Oil is filled to the brim with probiotics and packs a substantial quantity of vitamin D, which is essential in the mission of weight loss. Fermented Cod Liver Oil battles inflammation in our bodies and keeps sugar levels at a minimum. Another benefit is that it serves to keep a hormonal balance in our bodies, along with maintaining estrogen levels.

Green bananas:

Full of health benefits, the green banana is less popular than its yellow counterpart due to it being way less sweet and not being fully ripped, unlike the yellow banana. Though unpopular, the green banana packs many benefits for our bodies. It packs high levels of potassium, which increases nutrient absorption and loads of fiber and starch, which fight to prevent bloating. It’s also extremely rich in carbohydrates, which greatly aid in burning calories at a much quicker pace. Green bananas heavily boost the body?s metabolism due to many minerals and vitamins it carries, which is highly beneficial for the quest to lose weight.

Taro root:

A very popular vegetable because of its enjoyable flavor and high nutritious value. Taro root is loaded with quality minerals and vitamins, which effectively aid in losing weight. It is also rich in potassium, vitamin E, and manganese and provides sufficient resistant starch and fiber. These can cause a decrease in total calorie consumption resulting in less body fat. Taro root also helps digestive health to improve and function efficiently, contributing to the prevention of bloating and constipation.


A fresh and healthy food, sauerkraut, is the result of fermented cabbage. Cabbage is fermented so it can last for a longer period, which brings out increased nutrients. Like most vegetables cabbage is also low on calories, which makes sauerkraut perfect to use for weight loss. More sauerkraut in your diet is always great due to its highly rich nutritious properties. What’s special about sauerkraut is that it packs one of the highest loads of vitamin C any food can offer along with that it contains vitamin k2. Sauerkraut purges of any anti-nutrients which block the consumption of more beneficial nutrients and manage to effectively counter inflammation.

Pickled Cucumbers:

Pickled cucumbers have highly effective weight loss properties, they are also deeply rich in live probiotics. They carry plenty of nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin E, calcium, and other minerals. Pickled Cucumbers contain a low amount of carbs and calories, which can help prevent gaining more weight. Something to be avoided is the pickled cucumbers containing vinegar, it kills the probiotics the cucumber contains, so do try to avoid it all costs.


Cow milk is fixed with kefir grains, which results in the fermented drink, kefir, which is full of probiotics. Kefir is extremely rich in protein, lactotripeptides, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins like vitamin D3 and vitamin k2. Kefir carries anti-inflammatory properties and barely contains any sugar. Kefir also carries plenty of yeast and friendly bacteria that render it a tremendously strong probiotic making it a must for your diet plan

Cottage cheese:

One of the healthiest and most flavorful probiotic foods for losing weight. Cottage cheese is exceptionally nutritious and is also extremely rich in protein. It carries a ton of other vitamins and minerals and is also low on calories. Cottage cheese packs high amounts of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and selenium. Cottage cheese also happens to be a very flexible ingredient for a big number of supremely appetizing recipes. Cheese may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when making a diet plan for weight loss, but its nutritional value makes it essential for any diet plan.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider is a standard source of probiotics for your diet, it helps regulate your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels. Apple cider also happens to be the most commonly used probiotic food in any household, so it can effortlessly go into your weight loss diet routine as it is also an essential part of the diet plan.

Probiotic side effects

Sometimes even good things do come with certain types of side effects. As much as it proves to be extremely healthy for us and our diet, it does have the following side effects.

For some people, probiotics may trigger allergic reactions in your body.

They might also create stomach problems like stomach upset, gas diarrhea and bloating. But this can happen in the first few days of taking them until the body gets used to it.

If you are dealing with some serious illness, or who have immune system problems, or are critically ill, then using probiotics can be extremely harmful to you. They may develop and trigger serious health conditions and fatal side effects. It is advised not to take probiotics when you have some health conditions or even have undergone an operation.

These side effects might be short-lived and mild. However, you need to be careful with how to take probiotics daily and not overdose on it. It is better to incorporate them with your meals to improve digestion. If you cannot find foods with probiotics, then you can use several supplements that are available online or in any medical store. Lastly, we always encourage consulting a professional to avoid any mishaps.

While probiotics can help with weight loss but do not count on them as the only weight loss plan. They should form part of a healthy weight loss plan which must involve a healthy gut. And that is where probiotics play their role for weight loss.


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