Don’t be grossed out. It doesn’t mean you have to add some snakes in your meals or eat what they eat. No, it’s more than that. You might be wondering what it actually is.

Snake diet has become one of the top sensations on the internet nowadays. People who come across it are either curious or desperate to lose weight and also search about it because the name is somewhat creepy.

Well, the name came as a joke and became kind of permanent, relating it to snakes i.e how they eat their food after many days have passed and when they do, it’s in massive quantity at a time.

snake with juice

What is Snake Juice Diet?

It was founded by a guy Cole Robinson. He makes videos on how to lose weight following the snake diet and literally starving yourself initially fasting for 2 days with a single meal and some saltwater which will be taken throughout the day.

He structured that diet by taking an idea from the ancient times where people didn’t have food much and they used to hunt and get to eat food 2 to 3 times a week which was a completely different scenario but what he took from that time is, that our body can survive on 2, 3 meals per week and more so, he promotes fasting as long as a person is able to take it which is quite daring.

Whatever he claims is purely based on his own ideas or experiences which he gained by experimenting on his own self. A lot of videos on his channel are with rules about snake diets some additions to it or sometimes a protocol. These things confuse people that which one they should actually follow.

Why he prefers for people to literally starve themselves?

He has a theory for it as well that, ?fat people don’t need to eat food because they have more calories than they could ever use in like weeks on the gut.”

He also claimed wildly that his snake diet is able to beat cancer as one of his clients got a brain tumor and by following his strict diet regime her tumor melted down, which is scientifically impossible.

How to Start Snake Diet

It’s not complicated but it’s extremely hard and sort of torturous decreasing even your compulsory meals such as lunchtime dinner and breakfast. It sets so many rules to follow it that there is no single and focused guideline but, 2 things which are common and major factors are, fasting and his so-called snake juice, you can make it at home or buy it from his website.

Snake Diet Juice Recipe

There is no guidance for the homemade drink. But snake diet recipe consists of the following components

  • 2 liters water
  • 2 grams of Himalayan pink salt
  • 5 grams of free of salt potassium chloride
  • 2 grams of food Epsom salts

But you have to take a maximum of 3 packs containing powder electrolytes mix in a day of the purchased item.

Why a Person on Snake Diet Should Take Snake Juice?

Well, it is used to fill up the electrolysis which your body needs, without eating any food.

He once again made some recommendations about the calorie intake claiming that a beginner needs maximum 3,500 of calories in a week while scientifically a woman needs more than 11, 000 to 16,800 calories in a week and men need approximately 14, 000 to 21, 000 of calories in a week.

It shows us that Robinson’s theory doesn?t even cover half of the required amount which can result in a dangerous deprivation of calories.

When you are able to get on your desired weight, Robinson suggests consuming 8500 calories in a week meaning that you get the privilege of taking 5 meals instead of 2 or 3.

 More so, throughout this diet, you are bound to check your ketones using a urine strip.Basically, it’s a metabolic condition, when you fast near starvation and take carbs at lower level while fats are being consumed at a higher level, that’s when your body goes into ketosis and burn out fats rather than glucose.

Snake Diet Phases

if if you want to know how to start the snake diet, then let me tell you that it has the following three phases.

First Phase

It is mainly for beginners and has a period of 48 hours fasting except taking apple cider vinegar and snake juice.

After that time you can eat just for 2 hours and another interesting fact is that what you can eat and what you should avoid is not mentioned anywhere it’s like you have all the chance to have whatever you want.

When you finally reach ketosis, the second phase starts.

Second Phase

Here comes the real hardship now, that you are a little used to fasting you have to fast “as long as you can take it. ” yes that’s right 48 to 96 hours, while taking single meals in between. And this is why? According to him, it will “break your fear of fasting” but he ignored the risks of health.

Now that you have got the ideal weight you wanted phase three starts

Third Phase

In this phase, all you have to do is, maintain your current weight while going in and out of fasting consisting of 24 to 48 hours again with the break of one meal in between. Also you have to follow your body whatever it desires in huger you can eat it and it totally does not sound good if you are coming a long way down to losing weight and working hard.

Does it Help Lose Weight?

When you will not get enough proteins, calories, and vitamins, Of course, it will make you lose weight. You will probably start losing muscles to keep your vital organs working.

It will decrease your weight dangerously because on snake diet you can’t cover everything with food because you can’t eat it, which is essential for your body.

Studies prove that for a healthy lifestyle and losing weight safely you should take your diet slow and healthy while making sure to get all the essential nutrients.

On the other hand, this diet encourages to cut out all the food and eat as rarely as possible.

It will also make your body vulnerable to almost every disease.

Snake Diet Results

Robinson also claims that his super Snake diet is helpful for people who have diabetes or inflammation but there is no evidence to back up his claims.

Although fasts in a balanced way are good for health but snake diet is very strict and allows little time for actual food which is why there are not many benefits.

Is the Snake Diet Safe?

As snake diet helps in just losing weight however, there are several downsides to it.

No doubt you can lose a lot of weight in no time with snake juice diet but there are a huge number of other diet plans which are much better alternatives.

The creator of the diet swears a lot like literally after every 5 seconds which is not good for his clients and listeners he might be trying to put shame into the people watching him so they become determined to lose weight but it’s also offensive for so many people, it can disturb them mentally and emotionally.

He is sort of extreme in insisting people about fasting as he uses swear words and choose sentences like “until you feel like death,” and that could alone become deadly for those who have problems like eating disorders or diabetes.

Highly Restrictive

Our body requires nutrients to work properly or survive. In this case, if you get on the snake diet it cut out the important food and gives you no specific or important guidance about what you should eat.

In some of his training, he insisted on dry fast where you are not allowed to even drink water.Since you cannot eat much in the snake diet and then if the water also becomes restricted, there will be high risks of dehydration and low blood pressure.

Not Long Term

You can’t just survive on this kind of diet all your life.

It’s not well researched or have any authenticity.

Possibly Life Threatening

Snake diet is bound to result in hormones imbalances or a lot of other diseases.

You need roundabout 30 types of nutrients on a daily basis. These things cannot be fulfilled by snake diet, resulting in major health issues.

So if you want some rapid weight loss you can do it and it will make a difference in no time at all because of the starvation. But what gain is there in losing weight if you didn’t stay healthy and active?

That’s what really matters you can do a lot of other diets or simply modify your lifestyle to get your desired weight but don’t torture your body like that.

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy then don’t follow this diet, simply talk to your doctor or follow an authentic diet that doesn’t starve you.



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