Easy to say, hard to maintain. Vegetarianism has become a trend for last few years. But being a vegetarian and turning to vegetables for a weight loss diet are two whole different things. People who are vegetarian do have much lower risk of a heart attack, chronic disease or higher blood pressure. (1) (2)

However, it?s a real challenge for a non veg to stay put on a vegetarian diet . But it’s a fairly good choice for you as well, as long as you are determined to follow it. So let?s make it a bit easy for you to be on a vegetarian weight loss plan and lose tons of weight in the process.


First, you need to understand a few things.

What is a Vegetarian Diet?

Vegetarian diet contains a large variety of items except meat, chicken and fish. There are a lot of types of vegetarian diets some of them includes.

Lacto ovo vegetarian: includes eggs with dairy products but meat, poultry and fish are not allowed.

Lacto vegetarian: includes dairy products but eggs along with poultry meat and fish are not allowed.

Ovo vegetarian: it only include eggs and other things are excluded.

Vegan: it doesn’t allow any products from animals along with honey, eggs and dairy. (1)

There are some other groups as well in which you are allowed to have some fish.

But mostly vegetarian diet is consisting of all vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes.

How vegetarian weight loss mean plan helps

Vegetables are naturally very low in calories and high on fibers meaning, we can eat a large amount of them and still not get a ton of energy or fats added. So they can have you stay full because you can eventually eat a lot of them without providing any excessive calories. (3) (4) (5)

In any weight loss program, that’s what everyone tries to avoid i.e. consuming calories because any extra calorie will turn into weight gain.

If you are completely on vegetables then it will convert your stomach into a super functioning system which digests efficiently without giving you any fats. (6)It helps us maintain our metabolism in perfect shape as well. (7)

Here are some ways for you to make your vegan diet plan for weight loss easier.

How to lose weight on a vegetarian diet plan

Here are some easy ways for you to make your diet easier.

1. Eat variety of vegetables

1- You need to keep in mind that vegetarian diet does need to have variety. Look up at different protein sources because vegetables do not contain a lot of proteins in them, and we need protein for essential functions. So, try some tofu and even cooperating with a bit of fish if that is the type of vegetarian diet, you would like to go with because, it contains a large amount of proteins which you badly need.

2. Add whole grains

2- The whole grains combination with vegetables is also good to get some proteins.

3. Cook properly

3- No doubt, vegetables are low in calories but look out how you are cooking them. If you overcooked, it’s not going to work for you because there will be no energy or fibers left in it.

4. Use olive oil

4- You have surely heard about olive oil being really good for us but don’t go overboard with it for it will also contain some fats. Just a little, to make your pan greasy or you can even use a spray, so you use limited amount of it.

5. Healthy fats

To make sure you are adding enough fats to your diet which are necessary, use plant based oils to replace all the animal fats you might have used in baking or cooking. Avocado, coconut, olive, almonds or various different oils are good for use.

6. Go with high fiber vegetables

6- Take foods that are high in fibers and don’t have starch in it such as broccoli, leafy greens, cauliflower, mushrooms and zucchini.

7. Stay away from processed foods

7- Don’t eat the foods which are processed. Eat a whole meal of fruits or vegetables so you do not consume unnecessary calories or ingredients.

8. Buy fresh vegetables

8- Eat fresh food rather than any alternative of meat inform of frozen diets. They will not benefit you in any way.

9. Remain hydrated

9- Take lots of fluids and exercise to stay hydrated and aid in weight loss like, juices and shakes in drinks, while doing running crunches and other healthy exercises.

10. Use more green color

10- Make your meals more green and healthy. It’s the most important thing during a vegetarian diet, that you maintain your energy and health through planning smartly and taking ever green plants more than others like spinach and broccoli.

Why Vegetarian weight loss diet May be Difficult to Follow

  • If you are a non veg and going for a vegetarian diet for losing weight then it may prove difficult for you to adapt it quickly. Don’t worry you can do it but with patience and hard work.
  • Another reason is lack of awareness. You need to learn what vegetarian diet really is or how you can maintain it throughout your weight loss journey.
  • You may be eating food in large amount while not getting proteins. It is important that you tap on vegetarian protein sources like legumes and spinach etc to ensure you get daily dose or recommended protein.
  • Eliminating meat in vegetarian diet also causes problems at first, as you do not get used to it so easily.
  • Taking plants that are rich in fats is also the reason why you will not be able to lose weight. Look out for those in peanut butter, nuts and coconuts. Although they contain high level of energy but if taken in large amounts, they will help gaining more calories.

Why Vegetarian Diet May Fail

It might fail due to the less consumption of proteins because vegetables do not contain much of it so you have to find a diet combination which will aid you with proteins as well.

It may also fail if you don’t know how to balance your diet so that it includes all the essentials your body need you can last long on the vegetarian diet.

Foods to Avoid on Vegetarian Diet

Do not take the following foods if you are on vegetarian weight loss plan and want to lose weight effectively.

  • Frozen products such as meat, desserts, dairy, or things that can be used as meat replacement.
  • Try not to take large amount of food in one go.
  • Things made of flour that are mostly white, crackers, bread, bagels, pasta.
  • Also avoid sweets or baking things as in candies, sodas, pastries and cookies.
  • Spices, meat, pork, poultry is a big no no.

Again consistency is the major key. It’s not impossible to follow a vegetarian weight loss plan. However, you just need the right information and attention. If you work devotedly you are likely to lose more weight than a person on average diet.

Good luck with it.


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