We all have that one friend that we would love to hit delete on, block, and unfriend. They always cause you to feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, and unnecessarily drained. And unfortunately, we are all acquainted with this one culprit (some more than others, we must admit) – body fat! If you’re like most us and you want to shake this pesky acquaintance, hen this is a read on to learn a effective ways of burning fat that would take you by surprise.


First things first; we need to accept that we are getting older no matter how much we choose to ignore it. And in turn, gaining weight is natural as our metabolism slows down and our bodies start storing unwanted fats. Some try extreme diets, fasting plans, exhaustive exercise regimes, and so many prove to be ineffective ways of burning fat.

But maybe it isn’t one diet that works for all kinds of solutions. Possibly cardio every day for 30 minutes just doesn’t fit into your time schedule, and life is too short to exclude the joys that a chocolate-coated donut brings you.

This guide will bring you advice on effective ways of burning fat without making a day of it.

Calories for Your Thoughts?

Psychology has shown that many small changes over time prove to be more likely to become habitual than one drastic alteration. This line of thinking could be beneficial to body’s health when searching for effective ways to burn fat. A tiny change may prove to have lasting effects once it becomes a part of your lifestyle through repetition.

Keep on reading to find out what minor changes you can make to your lifestyle, diet, and exercise regime (without shocking your system) so that you can melt away fat without even realizing it.

How Does it Work?

You accumulate fat stores when you eat and consume more calories than your body needs to function. The excess energy that wasn’t used goes into storage and develops an unsightly bulge over time. To burn the burden away and lose weight, you need to use the calories, not store them. Moving a lot, eating right, exercising, and not consuming more calories than you need will help you to burn the fat for energy to stay lean and mean.

Let the countdown begin

Kick-start your mornings with a cup of coffee.

We can already see the smiles on the faces of the coffee lovers. Yes! It’s true. Research has shown that the caffeine assists in stimulating the body’s nervous system, helps fasten your metabolism, and breaks down body fats. A study conducted showed that caffeine could rev your metabolism by 3 – 11 %.

This is directly proportionate to your energy levels as well. More energy means more activity and strength for exercising, which is excellent if you feel drained halfway through your workout. In truth, a study carried out on 2623 people concluded that those with a higher caffeine consumption were able to maintain better weight loss results overall.

Even caffeinated black or green tea can work wonders. Why? Because caffeine is a stimulant that, in the right dose, can leave you feeling focused and full of energy. These types of stimulants will also increase the calories you burn for fuel, so go green, go black. It’s up to you.

Iron Anyone?

Sure, iron, as in (pumping) weights will surely help, but we will get to that later. Here we are talking about iron, the supplement, the nutrient, the real deal from mother nature. Iron doesn’t only help you with metabolism, but it also helps for healthy growth, development, and mental acuity.

Iron is a vital mineral that your body needs, especially to create healthy blood cells and promote  the release of hormones. What is lesser known is that it plays an essential role in our weight loss and body’s ability to burn fat. A lack of iron leads to many negative side effects in our body that in turn affects our weight.

It is important to know that you should consult with a nutritionist beforehand – too much iron can be bad, so it’s important to take it in moderation.

Get Low. Get Low, Get Low, Get Low-Fat

The low-fat vs full cream debate is ongoing, and of course, each offer their own health benefits. When it comes to calorie counting, however, low-fat dairy can provide great assistance with burning fat. Although it doesn’t necessarily help you to burn more calories, it will definitely do its work in discouraging those bad body fats.

A recent study done in Denmark suggested that if you consume calcium through low-fat dairy products, you are also likely to absorb fewer calories. By adding sufficient – not too much – low-fat dairy into meals, you are getting less of the bad fats.

Water – You Can’t Get Enough of It

Water is essential, we all know that. It is also your best friend that’s always there for you when you need to shed some extra pounds. Drinking 8 glasses of water each day can help you to burn fat as well.

Every action we do burns calories. No matter if you are jumping, lifting a finger, or sneezing, but drinking water burns even more calories. Not only will drinking water help you to burn some of your unwanted fat, but it will clear your skin, flush your system, and be a healthy add-on to your diet.

But how much should 8 glasses come down to, exactly? You should be downing roughly two liters of water daily if you want burn an extra 100 calories. It might not be much, but it’s something. Add it up for a week, and you lost 700 calories, just by sipping Mother Nature’s natural thirst-quencher. It’s a no-brainer.

Shake it, Shake it

Any movement burns calories, as we have just mentioned. But let’s be honest, little movements are not going to do much, especially if losing 100 calories a day with water didn’t sound that exciting.

But at the end of the day, any movement will help. Fidget, jump, run, slap something, or comb your hair; you’ll be burning fat. Well, you’ll be burning it faster than laying down and playing dead, that’s for sure. Keep moving, no matter what. Of course, nothing beats a good exercise routine, but if you aren’t fit, start small, and just get up and get going.

Eat a Full Breakfast.

Breakfast! There are many studies that have proven there is a clear link between skipping breakfast and weight gain. A study done by the Journal of The American Dietetic Association proved this theory and showed that if you skip breakfast, eat more calories through the day to satisfy your cravings.

Eat Frequent but Small Portions

So, who thought eating more is actually healthy? Well, it’s not, but it healthy to eat smaller portions more frequently rather than having 2 or 3 large meals per day. When you snack on something, your gastrointestinal tract springs into action and does its job of digesting food, and more importantly, absorbing some much-needed nutrients.

Firing up the old gastrointestinal tract will cost you calories, which basically begs the question; does it make sense to take in smaller meals and burn more calories? Yes, absolutely!

Burn ‘Em Through Exercise

Exercise is the most effective way to burn fat. The more time you spend exercising and the more effort you put in, the more calories will burn. There’s no need to run up a mountain and then go for a CrossFit session. Just put some effort into it.

Although extreme exercise sessions is the best way to burn fat and lose weight, you can just take a brisk walk and get some fresh air to boot. This was backed up by George Bray, MD, of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. He is a firm believer that daily brisk walks is they key for anyone who wishes to burn a few extra calories.

Exercise just continuously benefits you, and it’s giving you the chance to burn fat. Naturally, when you exercise, your body uses the calories for energy to drive the workout. Even after your fitness session, your body keeps on burning calories.

It’s not really easy to say for just how long the body keeps burning calories after an exercise session, but with some aerobic exercises, it can last for up to 24 hours.  With longer exercise sessions, you will also be able to see major differences in the number of calories you burn, along the hell-fire burn in your muscles.

Take it To the Bedroom

As we’ve hammered home by now, movement is key to losing fat and burning calories. You will be burning over 400 calories just by making out and getting sexy. The reason for this is because of the way your body reacts and anticipates what’s going to happen next.

Kiss with passion, in all the right spots, and get the heart pumping. Breathing harder and making your heart work as hard as you are working will burn more fat than you expect. In fact, it’s probably the more exciting way of burning fat. Get it? Get Kissing.

Cleaning and Gardening

Again, with the movement! Yes, cleaning will help you burn fat. Scrub and wash everything you see, and you will start seeing a drop in weight real soon. Cleaning is a great workout, and your house will never be as clean as it will be now. Make a date for it. Play some music, dance with the mop. Just keep moving.

And remember, your house is probably not the only thing that needs cleaning. By washing your car, you can burn up to 250 calories. Granted, that’s 200 fewer calories than making out, so it’s all up to you. If you choose ‘skipping the kissin’ you can always add waxing to the cleaning session. Wax will let you burn as many as 325 calories. Not the most effective way of burning fat, but it works.

Explore your green thumb? Yes, greens are not only good on your plate but can also help to burn fat. Why? Because you’ll be moving. As with cleaning your house, you can do this with a smile and some humor, skip the gravitas, and dance to the beat of the leaves and the spade.

Gardening is a very effective way of burning calories, and it is a very soothing pastime. Clear your mind and your body by getting your fingers dirty.

Keep moving, Eat Right, Burn Fat.

This guide will help you with a few effective ways of burning fat, even while you are sleeping. The fact is that movement, healthy living, eating well, and exercising are all you need to burn calories. But on those busy days where fitness sessions aren’t possible, you can just keep moving and eating healthy. By following these easy tips, you can burn fat while also having a bit more fun than usual.


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