Weight loss cannot be achieved with physical exercise, heavy lifting, or going to the gym only. It also requires healthy eating and a proper diet or meal plan system. The most recommended suggestion at this point is to create a diet plan which involves all the healthy foods which will not slow down your weight loss process or kick-start your weight gain suddenly.

Healthy Food for Diet and Lifestyle Meals

For this, it?s best to consume weight-loss friendly foods which can also provide you a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and lots of other health benefits that your body is going to need during weight loss.

Always remember, as much as weight loss is important, it is also important to not give in to deficiencies, to always hydrate yourself properly, and provide your body all the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

So, I?ve compiled a list of weight loss friendly foods for you to add to your diet plan. Most of these foods are plant-based, have high protein content or full of fiber which is great news for your body. According to a study, adding more fibrous foods to your diet is an easy way to gradually but consistently lose weight.

One serving of these foods rich in fiber can keep you full for up to 4 or 5 hours if you are smart about what to eat. These foods will provide you all the essential nutritional energy all the while slowly but surely helping your weight loss.

Black Beans

Black beans contain a lot of fiber and the good bacteria living in our body prefers to consume these black beans and then change the fiber from them into butyrate, a chemical which is known to increase calorie burning. Black beans are also a great way to keep yourself full and avoid feeling hungry. You can eat them without any special additions, or you can even toss them into soups or salads.


Salmon is a great source of protein and protein is essential for weight loss as it makes you stay full but stays low fat. According to research, a diet high in protein intake is known to lead to sustained weight management and overall weight loss. This fish is over-filling with omega-3 and all the good and healthy fats. It boosts metabolism and it provides a great source of protein.

And it contains all the polyunsaturated fatty acids which are good for your body! Get some of this fish and drizzle some olive oil over it and bake it for a fresh yet maximum flavor. Check out some healthy salmon recipes here to make your diet plan more diverse.


This seafood can be a bit hard on the wallet, but the great thing is that it contains less than 1g of fat and only 115 calories! And according to the national institute of health, a 3.5 ounce serving of lobster will only have 72mg cholesterol as compared to if you eat the same portion of chicken but that will actually have 85mg of cholesterol.

Although just take care and keep in mind that lobster dipped in cheese, butter, or mayonnaise will destroy all the efforts you have been putting into weight loss.


Another type of seafood that is going to help you shed extra weight is crab. It is also a very low-calorie food and unlike others, it contains the mineral chromium which speeds up and enhances the insulin in our body, a hormone that lowers the blood sugar levels and prevents our body from storing fat quickly.

You can have crab at any time of the day, although it is better to consume it at lunch and dinner since it also has healthy fats and will keep you feeling full for a long time.

Sweet Potatoes

As long as they?re not fried in vats of oil, sweet potatoes are actually a gift to our bodies. They contain Carotenoid, antioxidants that are extracted from plants, and this lowers insulin resistance, the hormone-induced stress which resists insulin and does not lower sugar levels.

Sweet potatoes lower this stubborn hormone therefore helping your body to avoid converting extra calories into harmful belly fat.

You can bake them on high or enjoy this vegetable as a snack during the day.


Most of the diets these days focus heavily on counting calories when, you should also be keeping track of how much protein you are consuming as that is a vital part of weight loss. When our body is expending more energy than it is consuming, the muscular area will eventually start stealing fat from the abdominal area and store it around itself.

And one of the great ways to burn more energy than you consume is to take a lot of protein instead of sugar. So, you can see the benefits of protein. One large egg contains 6 whole grams of protein and only 78 calories. And so consider swapping chicken for eggs and watch them do wonders for your body slowly and subtly.


As you probably have guessed, oats are on this list for the same reason: Fiber. One of the most consumed items is oatmeal which is packed with fiber and plays a major and key role in helping you be satiated throughout the day and avoid binge eating. The diverse thing about oatmeal is that you can eat it at any time of the day!

Whether it?s for breakfast (by putting some berries and a drizzle of honey in it), cold oatmeal for lunch (with some tuna bits and apples), or at dinner with some tofu or chicken in it, you can consume oatmeal anytime and it?ll help you stay full till the next meal.


Even though all kinds of nuts are beneficial for you during weight loss, my favorite here is almonds. Almonds are a good source of protein whenever you?re feeling low, and it?s especially best to snack on anytime throughout the day. They are linked to many health benefits, which include decreasing the LDL cholesterol (it?s the bad and unhealthy kind).

It also boosts up your metabolism and significantly increases its rate over some time. Regularly eating almonds as a snack has been known to help in weight loss over time, according to the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences.


If you are a lover of these sweet fruits, chances are you?re going to be quite comfortable during your weight loss journey. Berries are rich in antioxidants which can give you so many nutrients, keep your body and skin fresh and hydrated, and help you lose weight naturally.

Blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries are a great snack throughout the day as well. Although it is preferred to eat these during the day, just make sure to avoid their juices and consume them raw as much as you can. Juices are basically all the sugary content of the fruit left behind with no fiber and thus, no benefit.

Berries are also low in calories which means you?ll be able to eat a lot of them if you?re experiencing those hunger pains but they?ll still be giving you a very small amount of calories all the while providing that much-needed fiber and nutrients.

Ketones, a component in raspberries, could boost your metabolism and enhance the breakdown of fat in your body, even the deep internal abdominal fat. Put some berries in your yogurt bowl or grab a handful to snack on during the day and you?re good to go!

Olive Oil

If you have not included this in your diet then trust me, you?re missing out. Olive oil should be your new cooking partner during weight loss and even after that too. Olive oil has multiple benefits, the foremost being that it does not give you so many calories as much as cooking with other oils will.

A dash of olive oil is enough to bake your fish, cook your eggs, or have a scrumptious salad with a delicious dressing. Plant-based oils such as ?extra virgin olive oil? is the best one to use as it is known for fighting inflammation and many other diseases that include obesity.


This is the reason why Popeye the sailor man always chose to eat spinach! Spinach is such a beneficial and underrated vegetable and it should be included in diets more often. According to a study, spinach has a molecule called sulfoquinovose, more commonly called SQ. This molecule enhances the growth of the good bacteria in your gut and prevents fat accumulation and inflammation.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is different from other types of yogurt because it goes through a different production process in which all the whey is removed. Whey is a liquid that has lactose, a natural sugar.

It is a rich source of protein so you are less likely to eat more during the day as it satiates your hunger and improves your metabolism rate a lot.

These are some of the weight loss friendly foods we recommend adding to your diet and meal plan for optimum weight loss results over time. Make sure your diet is packed with protein and fiber which is all you need to stay full and avoid sugary and carb food items.


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