Previously we have talked about science backed weight loss tips that can empower you to achieving weight loss goals. But while you march on to that progress you should be aware of the weight loss mistakes as well.

Unfortunately, these weight loss blunders are so commonplace that it is important for you to know these pitfalls. They can not only jeopardize your weight loss target but also can potentially make you ill. Below are top 10 weight loss mistakes that people make. Try to stay away from these.

weight loss mistakes

1 Eating two few calories

It is a common misunderstanding that starvation is the key to weight loss. While intermittent fasting is a successful weight loss strategy, there has to be a method even to this madness. You can not just severely restrict your calories and hope for losing weight without getting sick because of nutritional deficiencies.

Our bodies need a lot of calories to perform even basic life sustaining functions like breathing, digestion, thinking etc. If you reduce your calories below that base calorie requirement, your body goes in starvation mode and it starts to convert even simple calories to fats. So, anything below 1200 calories will be too few calories. But you can find your daily calorie requirement from many calorie calculators on internet.

2 Giving up all fats

Another common fat loss mistake is to stop using all fats in diets. Fat is essential macronutrient for our body functions and you should not be fat phobic. All meals should have a portion of healthy fats which not only help with satiety but also essential for a range of body functions and needs. The only effort you should make is to focus on healthy fats like those coming from oily fish, dairy products, avocados, olive oil, seeds and nuts and stay away from hydrogenated and saturated fats.

3 Not staying hydrated enough

Water is life sustaining and one of the easiest change that you can make for weight loss. Research studies have shown that sometimes we eat food while not being hungry because our brains confuse hunger with thirst. Other studies have shown that drinking water before meals make you eat less and by sustaining this habit, you lose weight in the long term. So, not staying hydrated will make you fat because of overeating.

4 Replacing fruits with juices

There are a host of fad diets that promote one or another type of smoothie or juice as a weight loss recipe. However, juices cannot be replacement for actual fruits because thy lack fiber and protein. And most of the time, juices are concentrated with sugar. Also, they are a poor choice because they lead to arbitrary spikes in sugar levels and you would feel hungry sooner than if you eat whole fruits.

5 Cutting out a major food source

Another weight loss mistake that countless people make is that they completely eliminate a major macronutrient from their daily diet. For example, they may shun carbs or meat. This will only lead to nutrient deficiencies. There are certain vitamins that you can only get from meat. Not eating meat for long time may result in iron and vitamin b12 deficiencies. Similarly, doing away with dairy might lead to calcium deficiencies. And in any case such diets are not sustainable eventually.

6 Looking for magical weight loss pills

Weight loss pills is a big market which plays on the psyche of people who look for quick fixes. While doctors may prescribe pills for weight loss, they do this as a last resort in complex cases. If there was any magical pill, nobody will be struggling with weight gain today. The only long-term weight loss strategy that works is learning to eat healthy diet and making lifestyle changes to burn the calories we eat. As long as we can take care of how to eat healthy, more than half the battle of weight loss is already won.

7 Not chewing food

Humans have teeth whose sole purpose is to chew food. We cannot just devour food and let our stomach do all the hard work. There are three pitfalls here. First, while we chew our saliva adds essential digestion enzymes to food. Secondly, chewed food puts less pressure on our stomach. Third, chewing means we slow down our eating and allow our brain to make a correct call on when to stop eating because it takes brain about 20 minutes to finally send signals that it has had enough food. So chew food so that you do not overeat at every meal.

8 Not getting enough sleep

This might not seem as a weight loss mistake but lack of sleep not only induces overeating but it also leads to bad eating choices at odd hours of night. Lack of sleep has been consistently linked with weight gain because it produces hunger hormone called ghrelin. While on the other hand if you get enough sleep, your body will have optimum level of appetite suppressing hormone called leptin. So get enough sleep between 7 and 9 hours so that you can avoid this weight loss mistake.

9 Overeating healthy foods

This weight loss mistake might creep on you without you actually knowing. In the bst of your judgement, you would be eating healthy and nutrient rich foods, but only to the extent of overeating.

Even if you are eating healthy foods, it is not a license to overeat. For example, some healthy foods like avocado and nuts are loaded with calories so it is very easy to overindulge. Always eat in moderation and you can easily avoid weight gain resulting from overeating foods that enjoy healthy status.

10 Misreading food labels

Food marketing is a tricky business. Many seemingly healthy foods would not prove to be so healthy if you read the labels carefully. For example, they would not separately identify added sugars, which are among the foods you want to restrict. Sometimes, you fail to notice that the calories written on the label are for a serving size and not for the whole package. For example, even a small bag of chips is larger than the serving size which at the maximum would be 16 chips.

You have to not only follow a good weight loss plan, you also need to ensure that you are making one of the many weight loss mistakes. In fact, if you can stay away from these mistakes, you would automatically be on the right track to a sustainable weight loss.


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