Name sounds little strange but interesting too. Is dieting with such a weird name really out there? Yeah, it surely does. Weight loss brings a number of ideas, patterns and diets to the people who want to transform their bodies from out of shape to properly in shape.

One of these strange ideas is yo yo dieting. Why I am calling it strange will become clear to you as you read on. But first let me introduce you to the definition of yo yo dieting.


What is yo yo dieting?

These days body transformation is very common, and influence has come from media industry. We see an actor or actress in a particular role with very ideal body figure in one movie and suddenly in their next movie they appear with weight gain and in next film they appear again with that ideal figure.

Audience is inspired by the performer and start finding ways to do so especially those people who want to lose weight.

This is yo yo dieting. Cycle of losing weight then regaining and again dieting is yo yo dieting. Yo yo dieting is also known as weight cycling. Why is it called yo yo is because yo yo is a toy with a stretching string that goes up and down while playing with it.

In the same way yo yo dieting includes up and down pattern of gaining and losing weight within short time periods.

So, what people exactly do while following yo yo dieting? These include a common person to attend an event, a bride to look ideal on her wedding or to shed extra pounds after eating massively during vacations, models for photo shoots and actors for particular role in their next project.

They successfully do that, but they cannot go with these diets in the long run and regain weight and then again diet when required for particular goal. We can say while being on yo yo dieting a person plays with his or her body weight.

The term yo yo dieting sounds catchy but to be honest it is miserable. This dieting takes toll on your physical and mental health. If you are following yo yo dieting you are messing with your system. So, is yo yo dieting bad for you? Let?s have a look.

Is yo yo dieting bad for you?

Your body will definitely react negatively toward such ridiculous pattern of gaining and losing weight. Your body is not a toy you are playing with. You are disturbing your body?s natural system while following yo yo dieting. So, this yo yo dieting is bad for you.

Multiple studies have found a link with weight cycling and future weight gain, specifically belly weight.

We all have heard that slow and steady win the race. Weight loss is a steady process which includes changing your lifestyle, eating healthy and doing any kind of physical activity. When you will try to achieve it in such a short time with drastic nutritional intake you are going to suffer at the end of the day.

Cardiovascular diseases

Yo yo dieting affects your heart?s health. Losing weight and then regaining stresses your heart and its vessels. Going up and down with your weight can increase your risk of heart disease. People who had greatest weight fluctuations (about 8.6 pounds) had double risk of having stroke, heart attack or death over a period averaging 4.7 years.

Binge eating disorder

Since yo yo dieting is unnatural way of suppressing appetite and then letting it loose. The result is excessive eating after you are off your diet. A study conducted in 2013 found that this could be a predictor of future binge eating disorder.

Disturbs Gut health

Your gut has certain kind of good bacteria that help you to digest food. Their presence and proper functioning are important for your good gut health. Yo yo dieting messes with them by changing number and type of these bacteria living in your gut. The resulting poor gut health puts your whole body in trouble and health risk.

Causes diabetes

Yo yo dieting affects your body?s sugar levels. When you lose weight after following a particular diet and regain weight with extra fat this greater fat storage increases insulin resistance and causes diabetes.

A 2017 study published in Nutrition & Diabetes Journal found a link between frequent weight change slopes and type 2 diabetes.

However, there are other studies that did not find a link between yo you dieting and diabetes.

It affects liver

Weight cycling directly affects health of your liver. Losing weight after following a crash diet and then regaining it with extra fat deposition in your body causes fatty liver which results in liver inflammation that leads to cirrhosis and liver failure.

It disturbs body?s metabolism

Drastically restricting your calories, going on crash diets, and losing weight in an unhealthy way take serious toll on your body?s metabolism by making it slow. Slow metabolism causes your body to take more time to burn calories and more appetite and more weight gain.

It?s ridiculous that people follow yo yo dieting to lose weight, but they end up gaining extra weight as compared to how much they lost while dieting. So, one of the bad effects of yo yo dieting is weight gain. These random patterns of gaining and losing weight make you fat or not let?s discuss:

Is yo yo dieting making you fat?

As yo yo dieting slows down body?s metabolism and causes more pangs of hunger after the phase of continuous starvation you end up eating double the amount of food that causes weight gain.

When a person loses weight, he or she loses both fat and muscle but when regains he builds up fat faster which deposits in the body as a protective backup for future starvation.

There is a new research showing that following random crash diets convinces brain to store more fat in a dieter?s body to cope with future food shortages. On the other hand, people who do not diet, their bodies do not store fat because brain knows that food supply is reliable here.

Most of the time dieting fails because a person cannot follow a particular diet all his or her life. When they stop dieting, they crave for all missed food stuff, eat those in massive amount and regain double the weight they lost.

Binge eating is major cause of weight gain after dieting. A person eats large portions of food as he starved himself for long time and ends with guilt.

Yo yo dieting is disastrous in a lot of ways so you should definitely stop doing it. There are a lot of health risks associated with it which we discussed above and even you cannot achieve your goal of weight loss with this queer weight cycling so the question is why is it important to stop yo yo dieting?

Why is it important to stop yo yo dieting?

Disturbing your body weight again and again puts your body?s health on various risks. When you lose weight your body organs behave in a different way but when you gain weight, they are pressurized to behave with more fat deposited around them. So, this weight loss, regain and then loss again affect your body in many ways such as

  • It increases risk of heart diseases. Continuous fluctuations in weight can lead to heart attack and stroke in future.
  • Weight cycling causes more fat deposition in your body and makes you fat.
  • Weight alternations in long run cause fatty liver when weight is regained. It causes liver inflammation and in adverse situation even liver failure.
  • Yo yo dieting may increase blood pressure.
  • It messes with bacteria in gut so disturbs gut health by disturbing their number.
  • Weight regain interferes with insulin production and may cause diabetes
  • Yo yo dieting slows down metabolism of body.

Yo yo dieting and mental health

Mental health is severely affected by yo yo dieting. It causes stress, frustration and depression. It is obvious when you are following crash diets, starving yourself you are stressed because your body is in continuous deprivation.

You are suppressing your desire for your favorite food. And when you stop dieting and regain weight with more fat it is more depressing and frustrating which really affects your mental health. Then you decide again to diet, and frustration goes on.

So, to avoid all of above-mentioned troubles and mess regarding yo yo dieting you should stop it. We know that it?s bad and we should stop it but how to do this? What are alternatives that are healthy and help us achieving our goal? Let?s discuss

How to stop yo yo dieting once and for all?

Short cuts are never a solution. You should set realistic goals and always be patient to have long lasting and healthy results regarding weight loss and its maintenance. You should choose a way that you can follow throughout your life and not for few months and then ditching it and later crying for side effects.

  • You have to say no to crash dieting and start eating healthy food. Stop starving your body. Eat your meals properly. Have more proteins in your diet. Avoid sugars and unnecessary sweets in your diet.
  • Drink enough water. Try to have a glass of water before your every meal. It will help you eat food in less quantity.
  • Stop binge eating and have cheat meals occasionally in appropriate portions to avoid cravings.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid fast food and fried food.
  • Take adequate sleep and try not to eat after sunset. Never skip breakfast.
  • And most important point is doing any kind of physical activity. Start with walking, running, jogging, dancing whatever you like but exercise is important in your weight loss journey.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important in your weight loss journey. Such ridiculous diets falling in yo yo dieting definition and patterns take a toll on your health and are not fruitful in the long run. So, start today with changing your lifestyle and hitting your goal with no stress and frustration

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