Metabolic health issues and obesity are rising health problems worldwide. Moreover, everyone seems to be having a lot to say in this regard. TV shows may teach you some magic workout routines to lose 10 kg in two days. Some friend might tell you not to eat anything at all, that you must survive on water.

Or your mom might advise you to run up and down the stairs to lose that excessive fat. But I doubt you haven’t been suggested a ketogenic diet by a friend. Of course, you have. But is it effective?

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Is Keto Effective For Weight Loss?

Keto is a high fat, low carb diet that may provide numerous health benefits for many. It readily converts your body into a fat-burning machine and also aids in boosting your energy levels. Keto is our body’s normal metabolic function. When our body is not provided enough glucose for energy, it will begin burning stored fat instead.

Glucose is a product from the breakdown of carbs. When there is less carb intake, there is less glucose in our bodies. Carbohydrates are a primary source of our body’s energy. When it finds no carbs, stored fat automatically becomes our body’s secondary energy source. Thus, our body starts losing weight.

While it is in the phase of ketosis, our body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat. This phenomenon triggers a rapid decrease in our blood sugar levels. Henceforth, keto has its reliable benefits as well.

A study shows that a ketogenic diet can evoke rapid weight loss. It is due to the water loss from our body, but it is also a healthy amount of fat that our body sheds. However, the research related to low carb diets also states “weight loss effect becomes similar to other dietary approaches after one year.”

In simpler words, in a ketogenic diet, the amount of carbohydrates (energy) you take in is less than the carbs you burn. This phenomenon leads to excessive weight loss.

Our principal source of energy is the carbs we consume through our daily meals. Reducing this intake means reducing your total calorie intake. The long-term compatibility of the keto diet is adequately low, as it is costly and induces keto flu in the first six to seven days. This keto flu leads to headaches, nausea, fatigue, and sleep deprivation.  

How to Lose Weight through Keto?

There are several types of keto diets that one can choose. However, only two of these diets have had researches. These include,

Standard ketogenic diet: It is a low-carb diet with a high fat intake.

High protein ketogenic diet: This diet includes more protein compared to Standard keto.

Ketosis is the state in which our body starts using fats instead of carbs. To enter ketosis, a person has to limit fat intake by 30 to 50 grams per day. You’ll have to replace those carbs with fats such as eggs, nuts, oils, and meat.

One can practice intermittent fasting to enter ketosis. Such can be done by limiting food intake to eight hours each day and fasting around 16 hours of it.

Various symptoms can help detect if you’ve entered ketosis. These symptoms range from excessive thirst, frequent urination to drying the mouth and declined hunger.

One should start by jumping into the whirlpool of a ketogenic diet. Your staple foods must be fish, butter, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, and low-carb vegetables. In contrast, you must avoid foods containing carbs as they will affect your progress in this diet. These foods include grains, beans, potatoes, rice, milk, and fruits.

The internet is buzzing with numerous articles on how one may carry out this diet. How to schedule your meals? How to cook keto dishes? No need to fret as we can find books from our nearest bookstore covering these topics as well. With ketogenic diets reaching their sky-high popularity, there is enough information tossed around.

 A nutritionist may be able to guide you on your daily meals and what’s best to cook. However, some delicious keto dishes include tomato-baked eggs, bacon & avocado frittata, and last but not least, the famous lamb and lettuce pot roast.

 However, one must remember that protein can be converted into glucose if taken in high amounts. Therefore, your protein intake should be adequate and moderate for the diet.

Your aim must be to give this ketogenic diet at least six weeks for it to show effects. Afterward, if you start feeling exhausted, begin to despise the keto dishes, or start feeling on edge, then this diet may not be for you.

Furthermore, if you are a very active person, who tends to work out five to six times a week, you must consume a little more carbohydrates and stay in ketosis. 

Why Aren’t You Losing Weight in Keto?

Although the internet is loud about its effectiveness and success stories, keto might let down and disappoint some people. It is due to our negligence while we are on this diet. We might stray from the rules now and then, that too without realization. But, as small as your slip-up may be, it will take a toll on your ketogenic diet plan.

You might be eating too many carbs. The majority of folks fail at this diet due to their high consumption of carbohydrates. Remember, this is a low-carb diet. It is normal to feel that cutting out carbs might be impossible. Nonetheless, it is not.

If one wants to maintain ketosis, their carb intake should reduce to 5% of their diet. To track your nutrients, you might find it helpful to download an app like MyFitnessPal.

You’re consuming too many calories. Create a calorie deficit. One’s calorie intake is best if monitored. Check if you have too much full-fat dairy, olive oil, or nuts in your meals. Take them in small quantities, as they contain a high amount of calories.

If you tend to have large portions of food in your keto diet and can’t help it, you must increase your physical activity to burn all the extra calories you take in. It will help your body lose weight.

Another reason for ‘keto failure’ could be an underlying medical issue. If you don’t seem to be losing a single pound even when you’ve done everything according to plan, you have tried your nutritionist’s recipes and have been physically active, so you must consider your health status a bit.

Health issues such as Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, or polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause weight gain and make it excruciatingly difficult to lose some of it. You can have some medical tests carried out to diagnose any such condition. If so, don’t fret. By following proper medication and a suitable diet schedule (according to your health), you can achieve your body goals.

Another setback in your diet can be your consumption of processed foods. You might not be eating enough nutritious foods. Your body isn’t getting its required nutrition. Packed, processed foods and desserts in high amounts might affect your diet with their extra calories. These food have high calories but lower vitamins and minerals, as they are nutrient-poor foods.

Henceforth, you can add healthy greens such as broccoli and mushrooms with eggs and fish to your diet. This slight change can balance your unbalanced keto diet.

Last but not least, you might have very high and unrealistic expectations from your keto diet. We, humans, want everything to be fast. We are impatient naturally. You might be expecting immediate results from this ketogenic diet that you have adopted. However, our body processes are far from rapid. They are gradual and time taking. You must keep in mind, that after all, it is a human body.

The time needed to start losing weight in ketosis can vary from person to person. This diet is supposed to drop your weight quickly, if it is the contrary, don’t worry. The rate at which you lose weight may be gradual.

How to Boost Your Keto Weight Loss Efforts?

Do not assume that keto means no workout. One must exercise to derive all the benefits from this diet. It is an integral part of maintaining one’s overall health. If you are not compatible with heavy workouts, add a long jog, evening yoga, and stretches to your daily regime. Practicing these for forty minutes each day will ensure you lose the weight you aspire to lose.

Ketogenic foods can seem to be a bit bland sometimes. Together with sweet food cravings, this can de-motivate you and affect your progress. Nonetheless, it is not an issue to despair over. You can always shake up your menu a little. Cook some interesting keto-friendly dishes from the internet. This small change in the menu and a little extra deliciousness will keep you intrigued and motivated.

Remember to keep yourself hydrated. The first and foremost thing is to drink enough water throughout the day. Carbohydrates are storage facilitators for water in our bodies. But, since our carbs are plummeting, our body’s water storage diminishes, which leaves us dehydrated. Hence, you must drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

 With the keto diet, the mineral composition of one’s body can be off-balance as well. Our consumption of processed foods decreases so does our sodium intake. It goes down considerably. This reduction promotes the feeling of fatigue and restlessness. To cope with this change, increase a little salt in your food.


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