You start your weight loss journey with a strict diet and exercise plan. Initially you embrace success but a time comes when you are saying to yourself: why can’t I lose weight?

One possible reason is weight loss plateau which happens to many people. Your body just stops losing weight on your current diet and exercise regime. So, you try something different to break weight loss plateau.

But sometimes it is not just weight loss plateau. There can be surprising reasons why you can’t lose weight. Some of these will appear obvious but simultaneously sneaky. So, here are top 7 reasons you can’t lose weight.

why i am not losing weight

Not eating enough

This might sound surprising and counter to weight loss plans but not eating enough calories is culprit many a time. We understand that we need to cut calories to lose weight. But we should be careful that we do not go on a starvation diet.

For example, when our daily minimum calorie requirement is 1900 calories, and we are eating just 1600 or fewer calories, our body transitions to survival mode and starts to store carbs and anything we eat as fat for later use.

This also means you will be perpetually feeling lethargic and lazy and are more likely to cut back on physical activity as well.

Therefore, if you suspect that you are losing weight despite a healthy diet and exercise, take a closer look at your daily calories and see if you eating enough.

Lack of sleep

Our bodies need sleep to rejuvenate and rest. The relationship of sleep with weight loss is well established. Even a few nights lack of sleep quickly leads to weight gain.

It is essential that you are getting between 7 and 9 hours of night sleep. Sleep deficit will trigger hunger and stress hormones which will cause you eat more.

Eating too much

Well, this is not sneaky though but sometimes we are eating in a way that empty calories are sneaking into our diet all day and add up to a significant number.

For example, two digestive biscuits, one coke and a granola bar will add about 540 calories to your daily calculation. And let’s admit when on a roll, we eat a lot more of these empty calories.

So, some of the things you can review in your daily diet. For example, you can consider tea without sugar. Limit your comfort foods that present themselves for the sake of eating and not because you are feeling hungry. Crisps and chips are the things that may be the culprit that you are not losing weight. Also, you can try switching to low calorie diet coke.

Mindless eating

If you are not tracking your eating habits, you might not be knowing if you are eating less or more. Sometimes, you could be surprised with the results if you start tracking.

You can do this by a simple food tracking app or a journal. It will also be a good idea to focus on your eating by eating mindfully. This means you eat without distractions because if you eat while watching TV or doing other things, you will not be eating mindfully and may end up eating more than your body needs.

Mindful eating will also help you make better and healthy food choices. These small changes to your diet will add up to help you lose weight.

Lack of exercise

Weight loss goals can be reached with a combination of exercise and diet. If you are not losing weight with your current exercise regime, try to increase it or make it more challenging to help your metabolism kick at the optimum level.

For example, if your current workout is three days a week, try hitting the gym five days a week. If you go for walk, try to increase its frequency or duration to see if it helps with increasing weight loss.

Stress in life

If you are having some persistent stress, you may not lose weight because stress and weight gain have been positively linked. The underlying reason is that stress produces hormones in the body which induce overeating and then this produces stress. You will be in a constant cycle where you overeat because of stress and then get stressed out because of being overweight.

Try to calm yourself and try meditation to manage stress. Exercise is also a great stress reliever because it produces happiness hormones.

Lack of muscles

If your body has lack of muscles, your metabolism might not be optimum. Muscles act as stores for glycogen which means your body will have less incentive to store calories as fat.

And muscles are energy burners. Therefore, you will see a jump in your metabolism with more muscles.

Therefore, if you are not hitting the gym at least twice a week for weight training, start doing that. If you are already going to gym and not getting muscles, may be try to increase the intensity of your weight training in consultation with your trainer.

Sometimes the reasons you are not losing weight can be easily fixed. Try to see if the reason that you are not losing weight is listed in the above. If the answer is yes, you can start to make the change and there are good chances that you will lose weight.


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