Yoga is a kind of work out that builds harmony between mind and body. Yoga refers to the physical postures or poses that are performed to get benefits of yoga.

The best thing about yoga for weight loss is that you can practice yoga anywhere with just having a yoga mat. Yoga relieves stress, increases flexibility of your body, maintains your posture and gives strength to your joints. Yoga brings health and happiness.


SWAMI VIVEKANDA was an Indian reformer who first introduced yoga to larger audience. Yoga not only brings physical fitness to you but also improves your mental health. Yoga makes us to learn physical discipline and connects us with ourselves. People who are enthusiastic about more flexibility in their body, stress free mind and positive heart yoga is for you.

Every person is searching for happiness, peace of mind and positivity in life and yoga brings that to your life because it is not just a form of exercise but also a source of combining you physically and mentally to bring all this to you mentioned above.

Yoga is not only a workout for weight loss, but it is a combination of different components like deep relaxation techniques, postures, breathing exercises and meditation. All of these have the potential to transform our bodies at different levels. Stretching during yoga brings lot of benefits to your body and mind.

Yoga is more than just a workout it is actually a combination for components like postures, breathing practices, deep relaxation and meditation that can transform your health on many levels.

Why is yoga good for weight loss?

Yoga focuses more on meditation and mindfulness but doing yoga on regular basis can also help you in losing weight because it burns calories.? According to SWAMI RAMDEV women can lose ten to twelve kg of weight in just a month by doing yoga on regular basis and taking care about what they are eating.

Yoga is not a magic that will make your body lose weight magically you have to be strict on your diet and consistent in doing yoga on regular basis to really enjoy fruitful benefits.

Physical fitness is a goal that comes with discipline, strictness and consistency you have to keep a strict check and balance on what you are putting in to your body and with how much enthusiasm you are practicing your yoga.

You have to make it part of your life on regular basis with healthy eating to shed pounds you want to get rid of and it is possible only when you will be persistent and keen toward your goal. Only then yoga can be a magic for your weight loss journey.

Best yoga for weight loss

There are different types of yoga some help you more with your spiritual and mental health and some help you to lose weight by burning calories and shedding extra kilos on your body.

There are specific types of workouts when your goal is to lose weight through yoga. Yoga that is concerned with weight loss are more vigorous, power enduring and active types of yoga as they burn calories on higher level.


Vinyasa is a full body workout that builds heat, focus and cardiovascular endurance through rapid and continuous movement. This style of yoga burns highest calories as compared to any other type of yoga.

Vinyasa yoga is challenging and offers lot of variety to develop core and build power endurance .it involves uninterrupted movements while switching from one pose to the next. It is commonly referred to as FLOW yoga as well.


It is also known as hot yoga. You sweat very much while doing bikram and generation of heat and sweat allows you to burn maximum calories. To keep yourself hydrated during bikram is really very important as you sweat and your body gets dehydrated. It uses 26 preset poses done in rooms with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. It is an excellent type of yoga to lose weight as warmer muscles burn more calories.


This type of yoga is more engaged with your muscle strength. In this yoga there is strong sense of purpose and you are forced to focus and grow. It purifies your body and mind giving you both physical and mental benefits.

In Sanskrit the word ASHTANGA means eight limbs. So Ashtanga yoga is the practice of these eight limbs in order to experience true goal of yoga. This type of yoga is intensely physical and athletic style of yoga. It builds strength and flexibility making your body look younger, leaner, stronger, and healthier.

Weight loss yoga or weight training

 When there comes a comparison that which is better for weight loss yoga or weight training it again comes to the point that how much a person is dedicated toward his goal.

 If you are willing to lose weight you can lose with both with dedication and if you are not willing none of them can work for you in any way. Both yoga and weight training have their own advantages.

Yoga involves more stretching and relaxation while during weight training you use your whole body with the contraction of muscles. According to Dr. NICHOLAS DINUBILE?yoga can be as effective as weights when comes to building a stronger and more impressive physique.

There is always a debate that what helps more toward weight loss weight training or yoga but to be honest both works in their own way with the combination of a healthy diet.

Some types of yoga as mentioned above work wonderfully in burning calories of your body and even some weight trainings amazingly transform your body but there is no shortcut to it. You have to give your blood and sweat in both with dedication if you want to achieve your required goal. Both can burn calories at impressive rates.

Vinsya yoga helps a 150 lbs woman to burn 594 calories in a 60 minute routine while brisk walking helps you to burn 297 calories per hour and moderate jogging helps you to burn 684 calories per hour.

So, there is no hard and fast rule that specifically yoga or weight training is best for your weight loss journey both can work wonderfully with your dedication and choice of your diet.

You can choose both on alternative days for your workout routine to get more effective results, so it is totally your own choice and also depends on your body type. Some people can lose more weight with yoga while weight training works more efficiently for others.

How much time it takes to lose weight with yoga

Well game is all about your dedication toward your goal. It really depends on how much time you are giving weekly and type of yoga you are doing. But one should practice yoga on regular basis and as often as possible to lose weight.

One should practice more vigorous and intense yoga three to five times a week for one hour to shed pounds .Researches show that overweight folks who practiced yoga regularly for ten years lost five pounds on average with ages between 45 and 55 and who did not gain 14 pounds.

On the other hand, yoga is safest and healthiest way to lose weight with no side effects. It is not like that you wake up one day you lose weight. Yoga will work only when you will practice it with diligence on regular basis with the aim of weight loss. Your commitment toward your goal really matters and helps you to achieve required results.

To get best results from yoga regarding weight loss

Try to practice yoga early in the morning before anyone else wake ups because yoga demands peace of mind and concentration so early morning in the absence of noise and disturbance you can do that easily.

Try to do yoga on empty stomach it will help you to burn more calories and even stretching will be more convenient for you.

And if you cannot practice yoga in the morning because of your busy schedule whenever you are going to practice try to have your meal two to three hours before your practice.

Yoga poses for beginners

Beginners can easily start yoga at home by getting a yoga mat by searching for yoga postures on internet and practicing them.

Standing yoga poses

Standing yoga poses set foundation of safe yoga practice and building strength. They require both strength and flexibility. A beginner can start with standing poses like

  • Tree pose
  • Mountain pose
  • Standing forward bend pose

Balancing yoga poses

These poses build better balance and strengthen body with arm balance. They build strong foundation for your core. A beginner can start with balancing poses like

  • Half moon pose
  • Hand stand
  • Side plank pose
  • Eagle pose

Rested yoga poses

Rested yoga poses help with relaxation and peace of mind. It is a great way to slow your breath and calm your mind. These yoga poses help to combat restlessness. For beginners best rested yoga poses can be

  • Warrior I pose
  • Warriors II pose
  • Extended side angle

Backbend yoga poses

Yoga backbends are one of main categories of yoga poses. They make body more flexible and give strength to the spine. They are also referred as heart opening poses. For beginners best yoga backbend poses are

  • Locust pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Bow pose
  • Fish pose



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